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    R. McD.

    First off I do not normally endorse any product I use /take.
    Why we all have different genes so what is great for me might not be for someone else. The most important thing I have learned about gout during my research and talking to others who suffer from gout is that everyone is different.

    I just though I would let you know how Purixa is working for me and my (RCG) Refractory Chronic Gout. I have the presence of tophi in my right thumb and my left toe next to the big toe both tophus developments are coming out of the outer skin. I had surgery on my right foot (same toe) 2 years ago to have it removed it is now coming back into that toe again and all places are swollen and very sore.

    With all of this I must say am probably the perfect person to try your Purixa product as of my last Doctor Appointment in July 20013 my uric acid levels were at 10.9 and tophi coming out thru the skin was a big problem and not getting any better as described above.

    I refuse to take Aliopurinol or Uloric because of there potentially dangerous side affects some life threatening. I was looking for an out of the ordinary cures that give one extraordinary healing.

    My reason being I only have one Kidney that works at 30 % so I can not afford to kill this kidney with either of these drugs plus all of the other bad things that they can do to ones body. I have always drank 6-8 . . .8 oz glasses of water a day for my kidney. I have made other dietary changes; I have cut out meat, and drink one glass of green tea with dinner, and avoiding risk factors as I see them trying to halt the progression of my gout and preventing potential joint damage.

    I have been seeking new alternatives other then Allopurinol and Uloric that cost much more then Allopurinol that are the standard medicines for gout. And both need higher doses to work properly/ if they work at all.
    I have been looking at out of the ordinary cures a natural approach to treatment of gout and my tophi. And think it will do more then just mask the systems. I know it can not be cured completely but one can certainly control it.

    After spending many hours looking over your web site and all of the information and my July Doctors appointment talking to her about trying Purixa I ordered a one month supply that’s one can Started taking the Purixa on July, 16 2013 after taking almost this one month supply today August 07, 2013 1 can say nothing but good things about it

    I personally would highly recommend Purixa for its extraordinary healing for me, to anyone to try who needs to lower uric acid levels. I could see a great improvement in only 3 – 8oz glasses of this product. I can cleary see that this stuff worked for me as the tophi is no longer coming out thru the skin. The places are healing up very fast and the pain is also gone. It has helped my problem with this tophi coming out of my body.
    I can tell it is cleaning other parts of my body as lam now aching at night think it’s the crystals are braking up. And I hope it is helping my only kidney stay clean of tophi…..I’ll know more on this when I go in for my next kidney check-up.
    I already know drinking plenty of Water will help as it helps your kidney’s flush more efficiently and it won’t have to work as hard to get the uric acid out, and they will thank you if you have one or two kidneys.

    I have ordered a Uric Acid Meter. It came on August, 5 2013 and I took two tests hours apart 9.5 so I am also shedding the uric acid in my blood as well. Started with 10.9 uric acid level.
    I believe one can avoid a lot of problems by lowering uric acid naturally and eliminating gout problems with safe and effective alternatives with no side affects as I am doing with your Purixa..

    Thank you for a great product it has helped me in reaching my goals of lowering my uric acid and removing the tophi. Only wish I had found this two or more years ago.
    I also use oddball cures and diet for my Diabetes Aic is now at a 5, for the last 4-5 years Blood pressure is 118-67-68 on most days. With no medicines at all. Just supplements and exercise, and diet. just look at the numbers.

    R. McD.

    I would like to say before taking anything for any problem you may wan’t to talk to your Doctor First.
    My information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care provider. Before undertaking any course of treatment. Do As I did before taking anything check with your Doctor first.
    For most patients or people, supplements like Purixa and some changes to your diet are the most effective way to control gout; I did a lifestyle change and have had great results With Purixa as you can see in my photo. Gout and uric acid is not curable but the good news is that it can be managed.

    I think from taking Purixa with good results as seen in my photo that Purixa has come up with both an immediate and long-term treatment to help relive or avoid gout flair-ups. What a truly great product.
    I wanted To Post an update and my proof on my first information letter on Purixa. After looking at my enclosed photo, you will see why I do recommend Purixa as it is clearly doing a great job on my Uric Acid Problem along with my Diet and Lifestyle changes and daily exercise along with Purixa I am Achieving proper Uric acid levels, and for me stopping the Tophi.

    I am thankful that I found this product and recommend it to anyone who has a problem with uric acid after talking to your Doctor First. To help improve your overall health with uric acid, tophi and gout .1 also think if a product works there should be testimonies. I started with a 10.9 And now am a 7.4 at my last reading two week ago.

    Kindest Regards Robert McDaniel

    [admin: after photos to follow]

    R. McD.

    [admin: after PURIXA photos from @r-mcd, posted on his behalf from email]


    Thank you @r-mcd. Those are impressive photographs, and impressive uric acid numbers.

    I’m sure you are aware of my belief that a target of 5 is safest, though 6 is acceptable if personal circumstances dictate.

    I do not want to sound negative about your efforts. I’m just wondering if there is anything else you can do to lower uric acid further.

    It might be that your continued exercise can help, especially if it leads to gradual weight loss.

    Other things that spring to mind are:

    • Keeping warm, especially in extremities such as feet and hands
    • More skimmed milk
    • Alkalizing diet

    These are just 3 things that popped into my head now. Does anyone have any more suggestions for lowering uric acid through lifestyle changes rather than meds?

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