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    I've read conflicting information on the internet (big surprise!)? Some sites say that mushrooms are high in purines and should be avoided and others say that mushrooms don't increase uric acid levels.? Can anyone give some insight on how safe mushrooms are for people with gout?? Thanks


    Beware conflicting information! Also beware misinformation about purines, as a simple count of total purines is not relevant (though not a trap I have always avoidedFrown). Most authorities now accept that vegetable purines do not easily convert to uric acid. Meat and fish will, but mushrooms fall somewhere between (as do other fungal products like yeast).

    Bear in mind that we never eat one food in isolation, so total purine intake is what matters. Also non-purine proteins mixed with any gout-purine food will reduce the potential effect on uric acid as they promote purine excretion. Would you like my recipe for cheese stuffed mushrooms?

    Dare I suggest a perusal of How Purines Affect Gout in preparation for an analysis of Purine Rich Foods?


    Mushrooms + allopurinol = NO URIC ACID!Cool


    good to know.? i love mushrooms and they are cheap and plentiful in japan.? thanks for clearing that up


    Before I was on Allo, I used Reishi mushroom powder, one summer, for hayfever, but this coincided with one of my bad periods of gout so I stopped using it because of the potentially high purine content. Might give it another go now; it was very effective.


    what about shitake mushroom does it help for gout



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