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    I am looking for delicious recipes/meals for a food lover who has gout.

    Any help is most welcome!


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    Gout Recipes

    Here we discussed why food lovers with gout need interesting recipes. You can find gout recipes throughout GoutPal. But so far I haven’t provided a dedicated recipe section. So it’s best to use the search box near the top of every GoutPal page to find gout-friendly recipes for your favorite food. Otherwise, join the Gout Recipes Forum.

    Always remember that total daily food intake is more important than individual meals. Starting a Gout Foodies Plan should help you create a suitable gout foundation diet. But you should aim to be as serious about uric acid as you are about food. So consider a Gout Dieters Plan.

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    Keith Taylor

    Hey, that’s great Sam!

    I’m looking for food lovers who want delicious meals as part of a gout-friendly eating plan.

    The best gout diet plans are the ones that include your favorite foods and support your gout treatment plan.

    To Sam, and every other gouty food lover, I say:

    Tell me about your favorite foods, especially those you think you cannot eat. Use your Personal Gout Profile to tell me about your current gout treatment (or also ask for a personal treatment plan). Then we can work together to produce a nutritious, tasty menu that suits your gout.



    My friend loves salmon, shrimp, all fish, plus he’s a big carnivore. Brown rice and oatmeal (not great for gout) are the only whole grains that are a part of his diet. So far our strategy has been to make big salads with animal protein as a garnish. Breakfast is eggs or yogurt/fruit. He loves fruits and salads.

    I’m looking for ways to stay away from spinach (is arugula ok, can’t find it listed?,) anchovies and smoked salmon, which had placed a big part in cooking. Thank God for garlic. I am thinking that using a Parmesiano Reggiano rind might give the umami as a substitute for anchovies.

    I’ve found handmade dark chocolate that has no fructose, so a bite of that is satisfying. Are dried cranberries bad, I’ve found mixed advice?

    Thanks for you interest and help.

    Keith Taylor

    I mentioned 2 parts to the best gout diets – favorite foods and your gout treatment plan.

    Without the gout treatment plan, I can only write in general terms. Meal plans need loads more personal info.

    I think big salads with animal protein garnish is an excellent strategy. That way, you can include fish and meat (including smoked salmon or anchovies) in healthy ways. As a very rough guide, up to 10% of calorie intake as animal purine should be OK. Definitely a good starting point, then tweak the 10% up or down according to blood or urine test results (best results with careful planning and monitoring). I aim for less than 10% by making the veggies so tasty I can do without meat. Chillies are my friend.

    Total calorie intake needs to match daily energy use – over-eating of any food is one of the worst things you can do for gout. That’s because the excesses get turned to body flesh. There’s no point restricting meat in your diet if you create more meat in your body.

    I don’t understand why you think oatmeal or spinach should be a problem. OK, I probably do understand – you’ve been reading crap websites. Ignore that rubbish. Life’s hard enough as a gout sufferer without the unsubstantiated rubbish found on many websites.

    Any fruit and veg is absolutely fine, as long as you do not overeat a single type. Cranberries are fine, just don’t eat them (or anything else) all day, every day.

    It’s a pity you’re not local to me. I absolutely love dark chocolate. I need 80% cocoa now!

    Never forget: just like allopurinol and Uloric, lowering uric acid with diet can cause gout flares until all old uric acid crystals have dissolved. Never judge food as good or bad from pain alone – you must measure it against uric acid test results.

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