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    Thanks for posting about your gout Kev. But you included your email address in your post. So I removed it. Because it encourages spammers to contact you.

    Anyway, Keith will be along soon to respond. But he’s also asked me to pull out some photos of “sausage-fingers” associated with gout. So it looks like that is a recognized condition.

    Speaking of photos, do you have any photos of your fingers? If so please Send Your Gout Pictures to GoutPal. Also useful for posting photographs of your uric acid test results. Then people commenting have a better idea of how your uric acid has responded to different treatments.

    Or use this form:
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    Effect of Alcohol on Allopurinol PDF

    Kaneko K., Fujimori S., Akaoka I. (1991) Changes Caused by Ethanol Intake on Metabolism of Hypouricemic Agents (Combination of Allopurinol and Benzbromarone). In: Harkness R.A., Elion G.B., Zöllner N. (eds) Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism in Man VII. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, vol 309A. Springer, Boston, MA

    We are experimenting with a new way to present PDFs and other GoutPal member resources.

    In the meantime, if you want to see the full report just post a message saying why.

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    I’ve added this feedback here, as it was unclear which topic it refers to (posted from the gout forum index page). But this is the only topic I can find that relates to Vegan Diet and purines.

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    Sorry, d_q, I’m slow in replying at the moment. Because I’m having to do the maintenance here (@ goutpal – deliberate space to stop me emailing myself). So, @ keith responses have to come second, until I catch up.

    Anyway, once I get caught up with the backlog, I will summarize all the points here. Because I’m losing the context. So, I fear if I just fire off a few answers without reviewing the whole topic, I might easily contradict myself.

    Please feel free to bump it again if you get fed up of waiting.


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    Hi John,

    Keith always recommends that you start reading GoutPal at Introducing You And GoutPal. Which, is the first item on the menu at GoutPal.com. Because, it explains how GoutPal works for you.

    If you do not want to invest time reading about how GoutPal works, you should start with Questions for Gout Sufferers. Then, follow the prompts from there. Because they will help you decide if you want a structured gout management plan. Or, if you just want to continue with casual gout help.

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    There’s been a lot of interest in pomegranate & uric acid. But, no feedback yet. So, we added the pomegranate photo, to see if it encourages new comments.

    We hope the notes on that photograph make it clear:
    – For general facts about pomegranate and gout, add replies below.
    – For personal help with issues about pomegranate for gout, start your own new gout topic.

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    Blood UA Results

    Here’s a novel, and very interesting post from an anonymous gout sufferer.

    Can I post an attachment?

    I made a chart with my blood readings taken at home over a few months. I started with no alcohol and 90% vegetarian diet immediately. After 2 months, and taking supplements the last two days, finally got down to 6.6 mg/dL. I thought the chart might be more interesting than just writing the numbers out. I did not want my name on the file.

    Blood UA Results chart

    This type of information is very welcome. We hope it is interesting to other gout sufferers. It was sent as a message attachment using the form that appears when you click the orange Gout Help button. You can also send messages to us directly at GoutPal Helpdesk. Keith should respond soon.

    in reply to: 2 tier gout support. #1625
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    This is now under consideration. See more in Keith’s comment at Improving Help For Arthritis Sufferers.

    That discussion is about GoutPal’s Arthritis Sufferer Group. But, the changes to the way we manage gout support affects all gout sufferers.

    Do you have any thoughts about how you want your gout support delivered? Now would be a good time to share those thoughts. Add replies below, and you can influence better gout support for everyone.

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    [Feburic dosage

    Feburic question from Evgeny, via the gout helpdesk.

    Evgeny asked about Feburic dose after searching for “What Triggers Gout Attacks?”

    Please note that there are no doctors here. Keith might explain more later, but I will draw your attention to the standard notice:

    Information on GoutPal is provided by a gout patient to help you understand gout and related issues. Gout information is provided by a layman, with no medical training or qualifications. It should not be used for diagnosing or treating any health problem or disease. The information is given to help you understand your doctor’s advice and know what questions to ask. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have an actual or suspected health problem, you should consult your doctor.


    Hi Doctor,

    I had UA of 9.3 and my doc asked me to begin with alopuriniol 100×2
    After 1.5 year reach stable UA 6 – however the lever ALT/AST was increased.

    I begin with feburic 80 and just after 1 moth reached the 3.5 UA.
    And of course I got gout attack on my elbow which is new area for me.

    I asked my doc reduce feburic from 80 to 40 – however this tablet on my country exists only by 80.

    What is the risk of low UA ?

    What is recommendation on that ? As I understand I can not cut the tablet since it covered tablet – and not recommended for split.
    Should I take tablet Day/yes Day/no ( in that case I will reached 40 per day, )

    Thanks in advance,

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    Gout & Finger
    This gouty finger question is from Charles, via the gout helpdesk.

    Charles’ post includes a photograph of his finger. If anyone else would like to post photographs, the easiest way is to send them to the Gout Helpdesk. You can use the form at the bottom of most pages, or directly in the Gout Helpdesk.

    i think ill share a little bout myelf with you now, i hope thats ok ^ _ ^ please dont feel pressure to reply back quickly and im sure you are very busy with things on the forum

    ill try and keep my story as short as possible.

    im a 29 year old male currentley living in japan, but origonaly from the UK.

    ive always been health concious and ate very carefuly. Ive played various sports and matial arts since i was a child and have always maintained a athletic physiche.

    in july 2014 i underwent surgery on my stomach, and during the surgery i recived nerve damage. i can no longer lie down, and my stomach can no longer digest most foods. it just sits there.

    throu 2014 – mid 2015 was horrific, my weight fell from 11stone to 6 stone. all my muscle mass dissapeared and could no longer even walk.

    eventualy with time i experimented with what food my stomach could break down, and what it could not. the one food that saved my body was sardines. i couldnt digest vegitables, carbs, bread, rice, soup, even water would not filter through my body. but sardines seemed to digest. its very confusing and cant explain it myself.

    so for one whole year i ate nothing but sardines, breakfast, lunch and dinner. it was a matter of survival haha. it was better than being fed through an IV lay in hospital. with time i descovered that i could also digest avacado. so each meal every day, i would have avacado and sardines.

    before the surgery i had planed to move to japan with my wife, but the complications from the surgery ment i had to perstpone untill 3 months ago.

    inve now added a few vegitables in to my diet and also chicken and nuts. but my body still cant digest any simple or complex carbs liek bread, pasta, rice, noodles.

    so for the last 12 months every day my diet has been

    Breakfast – chicken breast / avacado

    lunch – sardines / vegitables

    snack – chicken breast / avacado

    dinner – sardines / vegitables

    night time snack – full 90g pack of nuts

    i never drink coffe or alchohol or potato chips/chocolate/sodas.

    being on this diet for 12 months has never caused me any issues, none digestive, or physiological. and the protein amount is still high enough to carry on my weight and strenght training.

    upon moving to japan 3 months ago. i suddenley became obssesed with soy source haha. having being forced on such a restrictive diet because of the surgery, when i find something my body can tolorate, I tend to have that in large quantaties.

    I find myself finishing a whole bottle of soy sorce in just under a week. which i have for every meal with my chicken, or sardines. so thats about 2 shot glasses for each meal, 4 meals a day.

    suddenly about 2 weeks ago, for a reason i cant explane, I woke up with a very sore finger that was a little difficult to bend. It is the middle finger on my right hand. i thought i had broke it during the night, or fractured it. the pain wasnt excruciating, i could still do everything i needed to do, just aa little tender.

    The following day, i woke up to find the finger had gone red and very swolen, bending it was quite difficult, and the pain was a little different. it was like a hot throbbing. i thought id been bitten by a spider or infection or somethng. its been very cold here, so i thought my finger had swollen because of the cold ( my fingers are always very cold and numb, perhaps bad circulation)

    a few days passed at it started to go down. and then suddenley woke up a day later and BAM it eas back up again.

    i started reaserching and came across gout. although i hadnt considered it at the time because i always thought it effected the big toe or ankles. my other joints are fine.

    then i began looking at the cuases of gout and uric acid in the body. and the diets that cause gout. i was shocked to discover that what ive been eating for a whole year was the worst possible advocate for gout. sardines and meet every day for every meal.

    But I wonder why now? ive been on this diet for a year? and nothing has changed in my eating habbits.

    but i realised that the unbelivable amount of soy sorce i was drinking every day was just rediculous and perhaps contrebuted. or perhaps was the trigger. i also very sneekily had quite a few snacks this christmas that i really shouldnt have, chocolates, some cake, a few sips of my wifes beer. just following the festive spirit ^ _ ^ v even if it did effect my stomach. i just wanted to share with people.

    wheather the amount of soy source ive been consuming these last 3 months (about a 1L per week) or it was the combination of my high protein diet, then start snacking on the snacks tipped me over the edge, im really not sure.

    or even how long it takes for this kind of thing to develop. in just 3 months~ 12 months, im not sure.

    Ive attatched a picture to this message, just for refference ^ _ ^
    Possible Gouty Finger photograph

    because of my age and my healthy life style, (other than a ballenced diet) i wasnt sure how this could happen or if this could even be gout. when people describe the pain, it really sounds horrific, the pain im in really isnt all that bad, its similart to hitting your finger with a hammer, it throbs and burns and swells. but its nothing close to what others discribe.

    my worst nightmare is that ive caused some dammage to my kidneys and that they cant filter the uric acid as best they can. or even worse the risk of kidney stones.

    im also an artist, and the thought of the joints in my fingers becoming damaged over time terrifies me.

    since, a few days ago, i have completley cut out soy sorce, and sardines, and sea food in genaral (japan is heaven for fish food lovers, its the basis of the countries entire diet)

    i only eat chicken and carrots/brockly/musrooms for every meal with water or organic soba tea.

    is gout something you can get just one because of undulgance? or is it something you have perminently once you have the first flare up? I hope my changes in diet will regulate my uric acid levels.

    i just wanted to ask if you have any thoughts on this or any advice you might be able to offer.

    thank you for your time
    kind and best regards


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    Alluprinol (allopurinol) question from Simon sent via the helpdesk.

    I usually link to the page where the question came from. I don’t think this relates to a specific page.

    Dear Sir,

    I’m allergic to Alluprinol , could you please advise of a suitable alternative, I’ve had this complaint for about 12 years now, Attacks are more frequent and has got to a stage where I don’t seem to be able to completely get clear of it, is Gout permanent for life or can it be reversed? Thanks Simon.

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