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    Gout Foodie Group imageGout Foodies are trying to use diet and other lifestyle changes to lower uric acid. But, unlike members of the Gout Dieter group, they do not have a healthy eating plan.

    If you have bad eating habits, you cannot get a good gout diet. To control gout through diet, you must start with a healthy eating plan. Then, you can move forward to the Gout Dieter Group, and start controlling gout.

    For full details about using food to control gout, see GoutPal Plan for Gout Foodies. And, read articles written for Gout Foodies.

    GoutPal Gout Sufferer Types

    GoutPal's Gout Foodie Sufferer Type is just one of the different types of gout sufferers. If you're not sure which is your type, please read Questions for Gout Sufferers. Then, choose whichever type suits you best. Above all, you need personal gout help. All you need to do is ask! Get personal gout help now.

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