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Better Gout Learning

Better Gout Learning is aimed at anyone interested in structured personal gout learning. Learning will help you control your gout better. This discussion will improve my documentation of the gout learning process.

Structured personal gout learning means you want a step-by-step plan to learn more about controlling your gout. If you only have a general question about gout, you might not need a personal plan. In that case, you can ask your question in the General Gout Discussion.

I started GoutPal to teach myself about gout. I’ve successfully controlled my gout. I know what is needed to control your gout. But, I need to learn about you, so that I can teach you relevant facts and procedures. There is a teaching paradox. Until you understand gout, you don’t know which questions to ask. Until I understand you, I don’t know what answers to give.

Here are the learning procedures I use to break that paradox. I will use this page to discuss how I should improve my learning procedures. You will use it to understand how you can learn to control your gout. This is a complicated situation. But, with a few simple steps, we can all learn more about gout.

Gout Learning For You

This is an overview of our gout learning procedure. The details will change depending on which aspect of gout you want to learn.

1. Starting Gout Learning

You’ve already started learning about gout. You’re reading this. Next, you can follow links and search for answers to your gout questions. You’ll learn lots of general facts about gout. But, you might not know which gout facts are important to you. I can only help you with that if I know more about you. So, you can start personal gout learning by asking questions in the gout forum. You can also share your experiences and opinions.

2. Learning Who You Are

I learn a little about you from your questions, experiences, and opinions. But, I know a lot about you, if you tell me which type of gout sufferer you are. So, the first formal step in personal gout learning is your application for a structured learning plan. I call these gout management plans. Because you will learn the best way to manage your gout.

3. Teach Me What You Want

When I start your gout management plan, I create your own personal space to record facts about your gout. We also include your most important questions, and what you hope to achieve. Now, we’re making real connections. We’ve got the beginning of a plan. I understand you more. So, I can start suggesting the most appropriate resources that will help you learn how to manage gout.

4. Start Learning Together

From my suggestions, you tell me which works for you, and which don’t. Each lesson covers up to three important facts or ambitions. They take a few minutes to read and record your responses. Very quickly, you learn more about gout, and I learn more about you.

5. Apply Your Knowledge

Now, you can take practical steps to get a better diagnosis or better gout treatment. In your personal gout profile, you can keep track of all the important practical aspects of your gout treatment or investigations. You move forwards at whatever pace suits you best.

6. Test Your Progress

Next, we review progress. This always depends on what aspect of gout you are learning. It might be a review of your uric acid level, your gout symptoms, or something else. This step reinforces what you have learned. We continue forward, or we fill gaps in your gout knowledge.

7. Continue Learning For Life

You can stop your gout learning at any time you wish. But, if you want to continue, you can. You go back to step 3 whenever you want. You can change important questions and ambitions. You can even go back to step 2 and start a new plan to learn a different aspect of your gout. Or, you might want to go to another of my websites and learn about something completely different. You might become one of the rare gout learners who choose to teach other gout sufferers.

Learning Gout Together image

Let’s learn about gout together.

Better Gout Learning For You

You can start your own personal gout learning plan. Learning plans are part of my structured gout help services. But, I need to work on the documentation. However, you can apply for a learning plan, or gout management plan, now:
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For this revision, I’m leaving my August 20 comment about mentoring. The documentation for mentoring is not complete. The main point is that mentoring is not a separate service. It is part of structured help and gout learning.

Please tell me what will help you to learn more about gout in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Better Gout Learning

  1. Keith Taylor Post author

    There is another aspect to my learning plans – mentoring. Lessons and Personal Gout Profiles are unlimited for everyone. But, personal mentoring from me is limited. I will have to restrict the number of people who I can mentor each month.

    This might not matter to you. You might self-mentor, or you might have a doctor or friend who mentors you outside of GoutPal.

    I’m still working out the fine details of how I select applicants for mentoring. It is generally based on the amount of commitment you show in the forums. Basically, the more topics and replies you post, the more chance you have of being accepted for mentoring by me.

    If you are not subscribed to Gout Network Updates service, I recommend you do it now. You can subscribe using the form below. Then, you can select which topics and discussions you want to contribute to, each day. That should prompt you to create more new topics of your own. And, you should always be involved in GoutPal’s Suggestion Box.

    Current commitment points (this month) are shown at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. Your total commitment points (balance to date) are displayed next to your posts in the gout forum.

  2. Keith Taylor Post author

    Related tasks to complete for Better Gout Learning are:

    1. Complete gout groups transition to gout sufferer types. Although gout learning can skip gout sufferer type. Because, eventually, structured learning candidates move away from a general type, to being an individual. However, this concept needs to shine through in the Gout Learning notes. So, update all the ‘Improving Group’ discussions here. Then, introduce ‘Improving Questions for Gout Sufferers’

    2. Complete notes (with Improving Discussions) for:
    – Gout Mentor Choices. Who. Improving Gout Mentor Choices Discussion required.
    GoutPal Help Methods. How.
    – GoutPal Help Levels. Where. Improving Discussion required.

    3. Fix front page as introduction to Gout Learning. Make choices clear, with links for more info.

    1. Keith Taylor Post author

      Similarly, GoutPal Help Levels main documentation must be on this website. Then all explanatory links for forums, etc need to link here.

      There is no need to duplicate help/forum/support/learning pages on GoutPal.com. Instead, perfect the information here. Then, redirect old GoutPal.com pages to that information.

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