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    It’s been about nine months now since my first flare-up, and I’m happy to report that I’ve not had another acute flare–yet. Only some big toe aches that I’ve knocked back with pain killers. The purpose of this note is to raise a new consideration. Namely, anxiety.

    After years and years of suffering from it, I’ve only just managed to put the anxiety label on myself. I’ve been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a long ago accident. But certain things triggered me, and I realize with some hindsight that I’ve probably struggled with anxiety for most of my life.

    So, I’ve started a low-grade anti-anxiety drug called hydroxyzine and have started Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy. It’s too soon to tell if this will last, but all signs of gout have vanished (not to mention an improved sex drive, improved concentration, and I’ve stopped grinding my teeth).

    I searched the forum for info on this and came up with some a few loose references. Anyone have any feedback about potential gout-anxiety links?



    Hello! I'm back to report my lab results and the anecdotal story of how long my gout took to go away.

    First, the labs:

    My uric acid levels on July 22, two days after my acute gout flare, were 6.5 mg/dl.

    My uric acid levels on Sept. 1, 42 days after my acute flare and about seven days after the dull ache finally mostly subsided, were 6.6 mg/dl. (It's worth noting that I've still got swelling in the joint, though it's operable again.)

    Goign back, I realize I had mild gout in the big toe joint of my right foot for about eight months prior to my acute flare-up. It was a mild ache I attributed to a tendon strain or the like. My acute flare arrived on July 20. Very painful that day, but in the early morning hours of July 21 it became rather debilitating. I was prescribed indomethacin (no good for me), and I took it for about seven days before switching to heavy doses of ibuprofen. The acute flare lasted for 14 days or more, and the dull ache, swelling and limping lasted a full month and a half, probably 30-40 days. In fact, there's still some minor swelling, and I only managed to put a shoe on my foot for the first time about a week ago.

    Anyway, my levels aren't super high. The doc this morning said he'd not worry too much about it until/unless I get another acute flare, and then consider meds.

    Any thoughts on this? From what I've read, the length of time it took for this case to go away indicates a rather severe flare-up, but my UA levels are not too far over 6 mg/dl. It's worth saying, as well, that my diet was initially completely transformed, and I rapidly lost about 8 pounds. As the pain has subsided, I've reverted to some poor eating habits, but for the most part I've been eating and drinking very healthy for the past month and a half, with an actual 0.10 increase in my UA level.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)