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    Paul West

    hello just thought i”d tell you how im doing on purixa.In march had gout attack and uric acid level 8.4,started 1 glass of purixa a day felt less stiff but using easy touch test meter my uric acid seemed to be going between 8 and 9.4.during may i started 2 glasses a day ,i felt the same less stiff but my uric acid was 8 but weekly levels seemed to be less erratic,during july still on 2 glasses a day my readings were around 7.9 and steady around that figure.Now in august my weekly readings have started to be 6.9to 7.1and still more stable.when i do a average uric acid level for may it was 8.6,and the latest 5 weekly readings is 7.4. it is still higher than i need to be but over a few months the average has dropped well over 1.hopefully the steady drop will continue over the next couple of months so i can get an average 6 or bellow,i will keep you posted!!!! ps i test same day same time of day and find easy touch meter a good tool to monitor uric acid trends.

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