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    Mike M

    Wine During Gout Attack

    Hi again Keith,
    2 weeks now i have been on the increased dose of 300mg. i am still suffering. when it seems to go it then moves back to the knee from the foot etc. i have stopped taking the 300mg because i noticed the pain arriving a cpl hours after taking it. i am now back on the 100mg. i made this decision myself and have rang the docs to get me a referral to a specialist. i went for a blood test the other day because i was suffering so much. that was tuesday. today friday i rang for the result and to my horror it was 7.4 or 440 umols. that is the highest ever!!! when the docs said to take 300mg they should have said to wait until my attack was completely gone.
    the thing is , i am now very down and it is upsetting my relationship with my partner. i never have any good news for her and i am trapped in the house all day. i get out for drives and small walks but my life as i knew it has gone. the walks upset my joints, knee or foot. i feel nothing but anger welling up inside me now. yeterday i just got stuck in to a cpl beers and polished off a bottle of wine…i just didnt care anymore…STUPID!! but i needed a release. i am crying by myself and sometimes with my partner thru frustration really. this is no way to live a life. i feel for those poor people that are permanently crippled. i have had 5 weeks now. all the docs say is that it takes time for the allopurinol to work but it should not be 2 weeks surely
    i take a lot of natural ayurvedc meds, i drink fresh lemon juice with bi carb 4 times daily….so plenty fluid. ive cut back on the alcohol, had x-rays showing no damage… i just dont know what to do but then again i should have done something about it years ago. i used to get an attack once a year back then……at my wits end here keith and thanks so much for your superb website!!

    Drinking Wine during Gout Attack
    Do you drink Wine during a Gout Attack?
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    Mike M

    Here is a very good article concerning gout…one of the best I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot:

    Doherty, Michael, Tim L. Jansen, George Nuki, Eliseo Pascual, Fernando Perez-Ruiz, Leonardo Punzi, Alexander K. So, and Thomas Bardin. “Gout: why is this curable disease so seldom cured?.” Annals of the rheumatic diseases (2012): annrheumdis-2012.

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    Mike M

    Colchicine works by poisoning your immune system? id not heard that before. i know it is a poison and has been used since roman times. Are you suppoesed to take colchicine with your allopurinol? i thought it was to be taken at the onset of an attack. it never worked for me. for pain relief i usr 600mg iboprufen, the spanish ones or better still..the ‘jellies’ , the liquid capsules of iboprofen. to be fair even this isnr much good during the day but does work wonders if i wake up in pain during the nite.
    you are right about the doctors…they really are clueless about gout and very dismissive. they will basically tell you to change your life style when in fact lifestyle only accounts for 1/3 of uric acid production.
    i have been taking ayurvedic medicine for a variety of issues and it has been excellent. i am taking a new herbal medicine called shallaki so will see how i get on with that, altho shallaki, like the rhizome famly are anti-inflams so not sure of the effectivenes of ‘gout prevention’ effects.
    so, thanks again for gettinf back. today i can feel some improvement…the worst could be over. i think the jump in doseage may have prolonged this attack….QUESTION IS: hOW TO I MANAGE MY URIC ACID LEVELS CORRECTLY NOW. I HAVE TO RID MYSELF OF THIS CURSED DISEASE!!! on my last blood test the uric acid levels results werent included so i dont know what they are right now, but they were 6 a few months ago and i guess my average is 5…i struggle to get them down.
    next week i am going to a holistic practitioner to discuss gout. i am fed up with the doctors now
    thanks again
    speak soon

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    Mike M

    i have to say ytho that i have never had a flare last as long as 3 weeks 🙁

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    Mike M

    thanks for your post. i get everything u say. sadly colchecine didnt work for me and at time s made me violently ill during the nite….tho i had probs taken too much out of desperation
    u rite about getting uric acid safe, thats what its about. pain control is not posible, tho i have discovered a gel that is v good for the nite time when u wake up with pain. it soothes and gets rid of the throbbing so u can at least get back to sleep
    at the end of the day i think it is more important finding a uric acid lowering plan

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