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    Thx for your replies and support.

    One week report – Allopurinol did flare the gout in my usual location – right knee – but it was not a worse case scenario. It also hit my right ankle / foot a bit, somewhere it has never been before.

    I am getting side effects from the Allo: A general feeling of malaise and a slight sore throat. Overall just lethargic. It feels like my body is fighting something, like the feeling you get going into a bad cold or flu. My head often feels like I have a low grade fever but I don’t. Probably something to do with white blood cells going ape-sh!t.

    After about the 5th day, the flare in my knee subsided noticeably. At that point I’d pop 800mg ibuprofen (yeah, I butchered the spelling in my first post) on an empty stomach in the morning (not recommended) and 1.5 hours later I’d be doing good on the pain front.

    I don’t see my doc until the first week of October, and that’s when he’s gonna order blood work. I’ll post a before and after uric acid count closer to the beginning of November.

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