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    vegetarianGuy said:

    You did not mention your age. I am in my 30s and do not fancy shot out joints or worse. So I am not taking any chances. If I was older say in my 60s-70s then maybe my outlook would have been different with regards to AlloP.

    I'm in my late 30s.  I'm concerned about using meds long term.  On the other hand, it sounds like living with higher than normal uric acid levels can cause other problems besides gout.  I have always been careful about diet and weight so I'm wondering if I can really have much of an impact in that way.  If I have to be on the meds long term, I'd like to do it at the lowest dose possible.  Would it be reasonable for me to question my doctor on the dosage?  Maybe start lower and monitor it.  Then raise if necessary to bring uric acid levels into a normal range?  Any other alternatives I should discuss with my doctor?

    I appreciate the diversity of opinions.  This forum is great.

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