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    Thank you all for sharing. These are all very interesting. There is definitely a lot of conflicting views on coffee out there on the internet. When it comes to caffine, coffee is somehow unique compared to tea and cola.

    In my post I forgot to mention that I also add a lot of milk in my coffee (more like coffee milk than white coffee) – half water, half milk to form a cup.

    Milk as an alkaline helps the acid so it might be a combination of coffee, milk and lots of water to helps me prevent the gout from kicking in.

    Next time you get the feeling maybe you could try to see if it has the same effect on you?

    Also I've come to the conclusion that whichever side you have gout on seems to be determined by which kidney is weaker than the other in processing uric acid. Left leg, left kidney, right leg, right kidney. Any thoughts on this?

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    Don't be so condescending. I'm writing in response to the following:

    Coffee and Gout

    Coffee And Gout ? Great Gouty Arthritis Drinks

    [Edit: Other obsolete references to coffee as a gout cure removed]

    Many people drink lots of coffee but forgot about the water. All I'm saying is for me, the specific formula of 1 cup of strong instant powdered coffee (2-3 teaspoons) plus lots of water to flush the system after the coffee works for me everytime.

    By the way when I mean lots of water is 1.5 to 2 litres a day (H20 only, not including other fluids). Too much water may cause loss of electrolytes and result in water poisoning.

    You are welcome to share your experience.

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    Hi Jared

    Try coffee… it worked for me. See my post here:…

    I use powdered instant coffee – three teaspoons. It needs to be strong and drink lots of water after that to flush the system.


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