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    So I had my first test in 14 months last week. Uric Acid: 5.5 mg/dL.

    Back in August, 2009, and a year's trial of 200 mg. allopurinol I tested at 6.7 mg./dL. I did this to test whether the lowered amount would be tolerated because of  a uricosuric hypertension regiment: furosemide, 40 mg., and  losartan 50-100 mg. The test was a failure…urate too high.

    So for the last 14 months I have been on 300 mg. allopurinol while continuing the furosemide-losartan regimen and my number is much better / safer. I have not had any attacks but am bedevilled with a pair of running shoes that were very cheap and very nice looking with a huge toe box. I am a cheapskate and am trying my best to “break them in.” but after 6 months of this I think they are going into the garbage…and they look like new.

    But shoes and toe-boxes are for another discussion.

    The 5.5 made me happy. And that was after about 7 weeks of 2-3 liters of beer per day.

    So that's how someone manages gout after 2 decades . I hope you are all so lucky.


    Always nice to see a happy gouty, Zip!

    Just think, on the wagon for >2 months a year would really clear that urate store- but I know it would be hard to do 😉

    It would also help your BP. Cool



    I usually teetotal for at least 6 months every year…always January 1 to April 1 and then several shorter periods, usually a month , scattered throught the year. By March 1, I can throw away my BP meds, but that takes 2 months. (I've been doing this routine since 1987.)

    This year has been unique in that I am being tortured by a home moving crisis that goes on and on and on and on without resolution. When it comes to an end SOON I will sedate myself with valium for a week and call it quits on the booze for a LONG time.

    When I am off the sauce it is totally off with nothing more than an occasional Bouef Bourguignon or a Chicken Marsala.

    My local liquor  purveyor will probably commit suicide.

    If I could drink only a little every day, I would be happy because it raises my HDL a lot (got a 45 last week!!!) and I DO have cardiac concerns. Without any booze I can slip down to 28…that earned me a stent.

    But I cannot drink in moderation so I do what I gotta do.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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