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    Hi all just a quick one,recently I have been having bad gout flare ups in my toe again.i decided to try juniper oil twice a day,it seems to help with the pain and inflammation.I have also cut back on bread and substituted it for gluten free and gluten free cereals and biscuit,my digestive system is much better too also my Uric acid level has come down to 6.4 from 10.1 since doing these2 things.I also avoid all beers but I have the odd cider or glass of wine.wheat seems to be a gout agrevator for me,I also had no luck with baking soda or apple cider vinegar or cherry juice, I also filter my water with a alkalising filter from Amazon which I also believe helps as my ph level was too acidic. try if your in England water fields low gi bread, much better than normal bread and tastier in my opinion. Hope this is off some help Phil

    Keith Taylor

    Very encouraging fall in uric acid levels to 6.4! 🙂

    In theory, that’s low enough, as the crystallization point for uric acid at normal body temperature is 6.8 mg/dL. However, joint temperatures, especially in the feet and hands is usually considerably lower, and so we really need to aim for 5 to be safe. Even then, deep sea fishermen exposed to prolonged extreme cold have shown that gout can occur even below 5! 😮

    I like your thoughts on lowering pH, Phil. I’ve been meaning to start testing my pH levels regularly, and just been looking at
    One of the reviews says the test area is too small to be able to see results properly, but maybe it’s a rogue review, as no one else has complained about this. Has anyone used pH test strips for checking urine? Any recommendations?

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