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    I was just diagnosed fr having gout.  Mine started on the right foot's big toe.  Pain is excruciating and it leaves me with sleepless nights.  Anyway, I just want to know what youi actually take to relive yourself from the pain?  And what diet you follow?  Thanks.


    Learn most of what you need to know about gout pain treatment in my free guide, but always bear in mind that your first priority is uric acid management.

    You must get frequent uric acid tests. Unfortunately, you may have to push for this, as many doctors wait for the second or third attack before considering uric acid lowering therapy. This, to my mind, is very short sighted, because you can still be building up uric acid crystals in your joints and other tissues without always getting the typical excrutiating gout flare. Postponing uric acid lowering therapy simply leaves you with a longer pain phase.

    The most effective diet is one that maintains your weight at the low end of the normal BMI range. Ignore most of what you read about purines – uric acid comes from the purines that your body produces. Very little, if any comes from purines that you eat. However, you should consider how much iron you digest. Most Western diets contain far too much iron, and there is clear evidence that this increases the risk of gout. Use the search box at the bottom of every page to search for iron.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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