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    Found this online today and thought I would share.  This doesn't directly affect me as I don't take colchicine as the side effects were just too bad for me to handle.  For others, though, this is horrible.

    [Covered here at Colchicine Killer Crisis]


    When this hit the fan, Nate, several months ago several of us immediately ran to the doctor and pharmacist to get layaway stocks of the generics, mostly Indian, at the old price like $4 for 60 tabs.

    Even if you don't take colchicine, anyone with gout should have a bottle on hand because things change; at these prices it is especially important to be prepared. It's also nice when in screaming, cripppling pain not to have to go 'round town for supplies.

    Incidentally, colchicine has been used to treat gout since the First Century and the active alkaloids were isolated by two French chemists in 1820.

    So now some clever but greedy and rapacious company DISCOVERED it in 2009…a new black mark for the graft riddled FDA tranferring money from those in pain to a wealthy drug company who had NOTHING to do with colchicine's discovery.


    zip – thankfully, if I ever do need it, I do live in Germany and can get it quite cheap.  I should start a black market for this stuff……. 😉 

    I HATE where the entire medical industry is right now (who doesn't?).  Keep us sick so they make more money.  I could go on and on about greed in this world and my thoughts on this, but I'll keep quiet for now.  I did read about this on goutpal a few months ago and was taken aback.  Now to see this hit the mainstream media just got my hackles up again.


    Yes absolutely disgusting. It reminds me of an article I read a while ago about how big companies are trying to patent things that have been used in places like India for centuries. Long before US even came into existence Smile

    It's similar stuff with seeds.

    On a more selfish note are we ok in Europe then? Smile Anyway my insurance covers everything that Doc prescribes.


    I was on Colchicine for a couple of weeks after my first attack Feb. 18th, the same time the doctor took me off of fuoresmide (40mg). Then, hetook me off of Colchicine, and put me back on fuoresmide because of fluid retention, and as a precautionary measure, ordered a renal test, which turned out fine. After this second attack, he put me back on Colchicine (last night). I see from the leaflet that came with it, that Colchicine decreases swelling and lessons the build up of uric acid crystals in the blood. I took one last night, and one this morning, as prescribed (twice/day) 0.6 mg. I see no difference in my pain or swelling. What benefits may I expect from this drug? I've often read it's a good drug to have on hand, just in case.



    Colchicine is most effective when taken in small doses at the first sign of a gout attack. Arfter the attack has worn on for days or weeks much larger regimens of cochicine are needed for effectiveness.

    The old cure is two colchicine tabs to start, then one more every hour until pain relief, extreme diarrhea intervenes, or 16 tablets have been taken.

    After an attack has gotten serious, there isn't a lot of effect gained by one or two colchicine.


    Does Colchicine have a shelf life?  I dont really use it often but have about 250 stocked up “just in case” 🙂

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