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    Padraig O’Dea


    I am a new (second time) gout sufferer. Male aged 52.
    I have my own uric acid tester and got a result of 9.5 (which I know is high).

    However, how high is 9.5?
    Do people get reading of 10?
    Do people get readings of 15 or 20?

    Is my reading VERY high, alarmingly high or what?



    You should be at 5 or lower so i think 9.5 is sky high. I’ve heard about readings like 11-12 but i think those were close to beat the record. You don’t want to be anywhere near that 9.5, trust me and lower it down or there going to be a lot of pain and more.


    I second @cujo’s helpful comments

    Raj Barua

    I have had readings upto 13.5, that was couple of years ago. A few days ago I had a reading of 9.2…. Then 7.2


    My last check on some bloodwork. This level is pretty normal for me. Haven’t had any flare ups for ages. Well until this week which is about a month and a half after this uric acid test.


    Thanks for the numbers @jobu. Don’t forget that managing gout is not just about stopping gout flares. As uric acid deposits grow, they destroy your joints. That usually starts with tendinitis, but eventually bones crumble. Then tophi spread through soft tissues, damaging skin, kidneys, heart, and eventually all organs. As your results say, therapeutic target is less than 6. To account for daily natural fluctuations your target is 5.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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