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    I think it is accepted that high uric acid levels are the cause of gout but I have a question as to whether both are necessary indefinitely. I have been taking Uloric for over a year along with the cheaper standby drug colchicine (not Colcrys). My acid level is in the 4’s but when I stop taking colchicine for 1 day gout strikes.
    So I ask which med is protecting me Uloric or Colchicine. If I stope Uloric for 1 day I don’t get gout.


    Don’t stop Uloric. Once started, uric acid lowering medicines such as Uloric (febuxostat) and allopurinol must be taken every day.

    Colchicine stops inflammation starting, or if it has started, slows it from getting worse. Though it is a common necessity for early months of uric acid lowering, it should not be necessary for gout after six months of safe uric acid levels. By safe, I mean uric acid blood tests showing consistent results no higher than 5mg/dL, and no visible tophi.

    If your uric acid levels have been tested regularly, and all results in the past six months have been in the 4’s, and if you have no visible tophi (lumps under the skin), I do not believe the pain you are experiencing is gout. My best advice in those circumstances is to consult a rheumatologist who can investigate other causes of inflammation and pain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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