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    Because I’m in the USA and wanted a UA meter FAST, I ordered this (arrived in 3 days):
    [home gout meter]

    The one mentioned on the goutpal site projected 28 days ship time which is why I didn’t order that one.

    I did read the disclaimer and instructions, and performed my test in the morning, in a fasted state. In two tests, 1 minute apart, it showed 5.3 & 7.6 mg/dl.

    Saturday afternoon, immediately after receiving it in the afternoon (non-fasted), it showed 6.3 & 8.5 (one minute apart). (I did take a multi vitamin in the morning (6 hours before the test). The instructions mention that vitamin C and affect the reliability of the test. Yesterday morning (fasted) I took only one reading and it was 4.5 mg/dl

    I have ensured there was plenty of blood for the sample.

    I emailed the vendor and got this response:

    “Mike , The problem you are having is common. The meter can no be used this way. We are told its the type of circuitry. Do not take test so close together . Take it ONCE a day for a few days then look at the results. They will be closer together nd give you a very good average of your uric acid levels. We have sold hundreds of these and I use it to, I have gout. Try what I what telling you do do. There is not a problem with the meter I am sure.”.

    This sounds like total BS to me. A measurement once per day simply hides test-to-test fluctuations. Imagine if you had the flu, took your temperature 3 times (one minute a part) and it read 98.6, 101.3, 97.9)

    How much precision and consistency should one expect from a home uric acid meter? +/- 0.3 would be fine with me.



    There has been discussion about that supplier in the past. Personally I would never do business with someone who tries to spam these forums and mislead gout sufferers.

    I suggest you take up your concerns with your supplier.

    I’ll investigate my links to see why it is necessary to wait 28 days. The Easy Touch kit that has had positive discussions here is available in a few days as far as I can tell. That, and other uric acid test kit is available if you search for uric acid test.

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