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    Here's a little 2 minute you tube presentation that I found interesting in visualizing the deposition of urate. I hope my link is successful:

    It shows  how completely the body can isolate  a tophus and implies that, once formed, it can be a source of bother for a LONG time. Thus the best way to deal with tophi is to never form them in the first place. Thus treating symptoms AFTER deposition of crystals causes pain is NOT the goal of good gout treatment.


    How lovelySurprised

    Thanks for the video (I edited it to get the right code in – you need to click the HTML button to paste this type of link).

    Much learning for me today – I now know what multinucleated giant cells are.


    It's curiously satisfying to see ones enemy lurking in its lair!

    [Even if post mortem Frown]


    As long as it's not OUR post mortem.


    What kind of uric acid levels do you run? I've been meaning to ask!


    I've mentioned it somewhere- it was  7.5 about 6 months ago around my last attack, I think after it.

    I'd not been on here to get into details- so I haven't been as assiduous in tracking it previously, over the years.

    I saw the pc plot on the Docs screen and it seems to be diving around somewhat over the years as expected, but the previous reading had been 'around normal ' -which I assume to be 6.

    On this, I know we can't be sure- their figures are far too liberal as we know!

    Next time I visit I'll try to get a print out and post it for interest.

    I need to get another test done soon anyway to check progress to date.

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