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    Wow just got back from the drug store with insurance my copay was $75 for 60 pills?if i didn't have insurance it would have been over $300. I'd?like to thank the FDA for this increase and tell them to stick them where the sun don't shine.?After all these years of people taking these and having good luck stopping gout attacks with it. The?FDA decided it needed testing. And then to only allow one drug company to make it. Since they have the market cornered they can now charge over $5 a pill what a rip off.?No wonder these drug companies donate so much the both parties at election time. It must be pay back time. LIMPY?


    One word- Disgusting.

    Apart from the bald?price and corruption issue -and the witholding of effective cheap treatment is the fact that people are sure?going to be angry,?but?TOO?many more depressed, by their own lack of volition in their health care.

    Maybe there is some kind of corporate/ Govt 'power grab' going on- and people becoming frightened for their future freeedoms and well being.

    Glad to see that the Fluoride in water scam is finally becoming exposed in the US – after?about 50 years.

    Hopefully these two issues can run together now?-and people wake up?

    In the states people aren't quite as passive as over in the 'UK'[ My quotes]??, even though well dosed, by comparison.


    Obama's FDA did the same thing with nitroglycerine, another oprphan drug. They gave exclusivity to Pfizer and now the under tongue pills and spray bottles have gone up in price several thousand percent. THey now cost close to the price of Cocrys…

    So now the movie plot will go:

    Old version:

    husband, grasping chest: “Get me my pills!”

    wife: “Die you old fool…now I have your money AND Joachim, the gardener!”


    New version:

    husband, grasping chest: “Get me my pills!”

    wife: “Honey, don't you remember, we couldn't afford them!”


    Seriously guys and gals…we need to try and figure out what we can do to make a difference.


    I can't have my son grow up in this country…what happend to all of us looking out for each other…doesn't work when greed is king.


    I know we can't change the world overnight, but can't we do something ?? All sign a petitiion and make sure it get's viewed…even if it is just a YouTube viral thing or something ?


    This discussion about Colcrys scam is now closed. Have you tried the new cheaper alternative to Colcrys? If so, please share your experiences by starting a new topic in the Gout Store forum.

    Keith Taylor

    It looks like the Colcrys scam is coming to an end. To celebrate generic colchicine in 2015, and my 10 years of GoutPal, I’ve reopened this thread from @limpy

    What do you think about the new generic colchicine from Prasco Pharmaceuticals, or the alternative to Colcrys – Mitigare? How have prices changed this year for you?

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