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    gout hater

    Thank you to everyone here who has shared their story about gout.

    Four years ago was my husbands first gout attack, a quick shot of steriod and life returned to normal, however each attack seemed to worse.

    Just after Thanksgiving 2011 he had another attack that went away for short periods after shots, in January 2012 Dr gave him 200mg allopuronol, he then had an attack first in left foot, then left knee he went back to Dr on February 23 for another shot, two days later he was walking.

    Great news, he was able to walk, the bad news is that two days after that he had major flare in BOTH feet and BOTH knees, after reading many postings I began to wonder if his 200mg of allopuronol was enough so he started talking 300mg within two days there was much improvment, but we were going to run out of allopuronol so we went back to the Dr.

    After reading so much information I had ALOT of questions, like what was his uric acid level and when was the last time it was checked(I am not always able to go with him), I was stunned to find out the last check was 7 months ago and it was 9.2 yet allopuronol was not prescribed.

    The Dr did agree to the 300mg and he thought the uric acid meter was a great idea, I did not care for his response about steriods not being as effective now, nor did I like his response as to why he was having such bad flare-ups since starting allopuronol. But with no insurance and him not working right now I believe I will keep this Dr since I cannot write my own prescriptions.

    The gout is now gone from left foot and both knees, but not from right foot hopefully it will be gone soon.

    Again THANK YOU to everyone that shared their journey and knowledge, without this I would not have been able to ask to right questionssmile

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