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    Hi All, Firstly let me say how relieved i was to find this website. i have learned so much about this condition from here. So thanks GoutPal and co. – without this site I think I would still be stumbling around in the dark with a blindfold on wondering whats happening to me!. Have Gout 5 months now, im 40. started on allopurinol 2 weeks ago and at first it seemed to be working 100mg for first week took uric acid levels down to an average of 5 from an average of 8. next week on 200mg I was down to an average of 4. However 2 days ago towards the end of the 2nd week it has shot up to an average of 6.5 .. and whats worse Gouts back. I have just started on the 3rd week AP and dose raised to 300mg. -One thing to note I started 12hr  night shifts 4 days ago which seems to have concided with the rise in uric acid levels- working 12 or 13 hrs sitting at a desk could this somehow be the cause of the rise?. Im am using a kernal meter to measure my uric. I have taken 100+ readings over the last 4 weeks. both before AP when I was trying to lower uric levels with diet alone ..(no luck there!). and after. I have graphed the whole thing and will post later. Anyway guys what do you think – is my sudden rise in Uric acid levels while on AP unusual? One other thing I drank copious amounts of alcohol 3 or 4 days before the rise in Uric – could that be the cause even though there was a 4 day gap to the rise in uric? It was my gout free Dads 70th birthday party that led to the copiousness of the alcohol consumption Smile


    are you drinking lots of water?  as I understand it alcohol is a diuretic, so you may be getting dehydrated which will cause UA to go up.


    I Guess It could be the alcohol  – It was 2 or 3 days after the drinking that my ankle started to swell though and my uric acid levels were averiging 3.5 until the attack started in earnest  – 3 days after.

    I have managed to graph my uric acid measurements over the last month before AP, and during my gradual introduction 100mg one week 200mg 2nd week and 300mg  -just started on that.

    here are the results – It looked as if all was going to plan until  the last few days!


    Hi Law- I'm going to be boring and say if you take a med (which will have side effects, even if unseen) and drink alcohol overmuch (which is a poison to the body, though I like a drop too), then you can't expect to get away with it, this early on anyway!

    Thanks for the graph, very instructive- shows that you had almost as low levels of SUA before you started treatment.

    I can't quite tally the lower red line with your Gout pain numbers though…

    My main comment would be ( a personal view) that it takes many years for gout to develop – it's not going to give up easily ,especially if you don't work with the treatment and add other defensive measure in too!

    Bear with it a bit longer- and please do keep the charts flowing!

    Note also , that the absolute level of SUA is not a direct indication of the likelihood of an attack (or not)- as it's the urate in the joint areas that predispose to these.


    Hi Trev , Thanks for the reply, appreciate your insights, certainly am finding it difficult to cut back on the booze. On the plus side i have cut out meat and fish entirely, reduced cheese and egg intake.  I still have a few drinks at the weekend   -not normally as many as last weekend though!

    Currently my UA levels are fluctuating between 5 and 6 – and im now on 300mg of AP. I was down to between 3 and 4 (holy grail of UA) for a few days the week before last- at the time I was on 200mg AP.  – im not really doing that much differently either  -although I got no exersize all through last week. Was working 12 hr nights.

    -So back to long walks this week no alcohol and the 300mg AP – should hopefully get mu UA levels down again. At the mo im only having gouty twinges in my toes so not so bad.

    Thanks again for the advice.



    What if anything is the significance of the abscissa numbers that go to 202. At first I thought those were days but your inital post says no to that.

    You must have dropped a FORTUNE on test strips.

    The most startling effect was the U-shaped uric acid swing on your 200 mg. period coinciding with the incidence of a bad attack. Probably casued by a burst of urate that had been quietly stored somewhere.

    I really prefer people starting right on 300 mg. allopurinol; that 100-200-300 progression often seems to cause attacks that might have been avoided.

    Your last attack seems to show as a lie the theory that uric acid drops precipitously when an attack starts…yours soared coincident with the attack.

    Thanks for the hands on (or feet-on) research. There's no substitute for our own facts.

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