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    The following is an email I received from Anne Mullens. She is a respected international journalist and author. Please help her with her article if you can. Creating awareness of gout helps us all. Anne’s contact details are on her website, linked at the end of the message.

    Hello Gout Pal
    I am a health writer who does stories for International Reader’s Digest — the 50 different editions of that publication that are published in 23 languages around the world.

    Assigned out of the New York city head office, the stories that I do are chosen for their perceived interest in many countries. These stories are then offered as content to the various International editions. We try to feature a mix of people and medical experts from around the world.

    I am doing a story about Gout, its diagnosis, treatment and management.

    I am looking for people from a whole host of countries who may have had gout attacks and wondered if your website might help me find them. In particular I am looking for people who would be willing to tell their experiences: Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Romania. Spain, Switzerland, UK, Germany.

    Two or three people from any mix of those countries would be terrific. Unfortunately, they do need to be able to understand English, as I do not have a budget for translation.

    Is it possible for you to either post a message from me to your readers or for you to perhaps contact a few who you might know from your forum who might be willing to either email me with their stories and experiences to date, or accept a phone call from me?

    Thank you so much for any help you might be able to give to help me find real patients whose stories will ground the article in real experiences.

    You can see more about me at

    Anne Mullens
    Reader’s Digest International
    Victoria BC
    o. 250-384-3775
    c. 250-886-2541

    Please help Anne if you can.


    Email send.

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