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    I am 35 186cm 97 kg and have just lost about 10kg over 2.5 months  and am suffering my fist gout attack . Had a blood test and my doctor said the levels were not to high to have to go on medication. But I knew better, and a mate gave me some of his Allopurinol 300mg tablets about a week  ago .I am now sure my gout has not improved but got worse so I did some research and I came  across this forum and read that the meds can make it worse before it gets better .So advice please, should I stop the meds or see the Doc and get some more ,can not see the doc till next week???Also taking 2500mg vitamin C 300ml of cranberry juice daily and nil AlcoholFrown



    The BIG question is, do you have gout?

    That depends on symptoms and serum uric acid. Can you get the exact number from your doctor? It is not usual to start medication with the first attack for the single reason that you don't have enough evidence and you cannot start a lifetime of medication on a HUNCH.

    Yes, it is seeming more and more common for people to report their first attack after a large weight loss.

    Stop the allopurinol since I doubt that you are ready to commit to it for a lifetime and just wait and see what develops. When you are CONVINCED you have gout, then it is time to get on allopurinol FOREVER.

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