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    I’ve been on 300 mgs of allopurinol for 4 years and have done pretty well on it. My acid levels have always been 5 or under and running in the 4’s most of the time. About 8 weeks ago I got a Sharpe pain in my ankle and from then on it got worse. I’d get around the house barefoot ok but whenever I put a shoe on and go for a bit of a walk the numbness would set in and then the pain. I went to my MD and he put me on 3 colchicine a day which was to much for me I went to 2 then 1 and now haven’t taken any for about a 2 weeks. The last time I had this kind of nagging pain was when they first put me on 200 mgs of allopurinol 4 year ago. I went to 4 different doctors trying to get them to up my dose after talking to several members on here. I finally talked a new doctor into upping my dose to 300 and the pain left in 10 days or so. I tried to talk my currant doctor into letting me bust up a 300 mgs into 1/4s and add that to what I’m doing now which would take me up 375 but he said no. All I know is I’m about at the end of my rope this constant pain is getting to be more than I can handle. Thoughts anyone.


    There must not be anyone one on here anymore or I’ve posted this in the wrong place.

    Keith Taylor

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    I’m sorry I can’t respond quicker, but I’m not going to restrict my responses to 10 minutes. Some questions take a few hours of research, but I’ll respond to everyone in turn. I’ve just finished the post from @dennis
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    The best thing I can suggest is, while you are waiting, respond to some other messages. Even better, add as many facts as you can to your Better Personal Gout Profile.

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    5. Any more ideas?
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