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    A few weeks ago I had pain in my right big toe and left ankle. I researched online and figured I have gout. I put off seeing a Dr for a week. It only got worse so I went to see a Dr.

    She prescribed indomethacin as well as took a blood test. The results came back and I have high uric acid. So I have gout.

    The medication worked right away and after 2 or 3 days, I was almost back to normal. I kept taking the meds until the script ran out. A day or two, the swelling and pain came right back.

    So I went to the doc again. They gave me more indomethacin as well as prednisone. Again I took the pills until they ran out (much less this time)

    Well, here I am 3 days after running out, my left ankle swells up again over night. I call doc and he refers me to another doc because he says this round of meds should have taken care of it.

    I’m really worried now that there is another issue. Could it be the meds just helped inflammation and not the gout,bso maybe it’s been there the whole time and the meds were just masking it? It’s been about 2 months since the initial flare up. I’ll see the doc tomorrow, other than that, any thoughts or suggestions?

    Keith Taylor

    “Could it be the meds just helped inflammation and not the gout, so maybe it?s been there the whole time and the meds were just masking it?”
    I couldn’t put it better myself.

    Post your uric acid test results, and let’s get ourselves a plan to make your uric acid safe, Mike.


    I agree there Keith all my recent meds the doctor gave me from NSAIDs to oral steroids worked but as soon as I stopped them bang the pain returned, hoping this time after the oral steroids I am on now it will ease off to manageable. Not good being a builder wearing boots with gout. Will keep posting my readings


    Thanks for the replies y’all. They said it’s on the lower end of the too high spectrum. Like 9.1 I think.

    Keith Taylor

    Who will save us from the docs who can’t interpret uric acid results properly?

    “the lower end of the too high spectrum” !! 👿

    It’s like saying “Only a small tumor!”

    Dangerous nonsense.

    Mike, if you need help getting uric acid safe, just ask. Your doctor should give you target uric acid numbers below 5, a testing schedule, and some advice about pain control for the months until your uric acid is safe. If there’s anything you don’t understand about her advice, let’s discuss it.

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