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    Dorian Kramer
    Keith Taylor

    That article is called “The relationship between uric acid and potassium in normal subjects”

    I’m struggling to see it’s relevance, but I can’t really understand what it is saying? Is it suggesting potassium is good for gout, bad for gout, or indifferent?

    In my limited nutritional experience, I’m stuck with the notion that potassium intake is mainly an issue because most people on a typical Western Diet, consume far too much sodium at the expense of potassium. I.e. it is usually a diet balance problem. However, the only other discussion about potassium for gout raises questions about lowering potassium intake for gout patients with kidney problems. That it now a very old discussion:

    Is there enough interest in potassium for gout patients to encourage me to review this topic?

    Please share your thoughts about potassium and gout here.


    You asked people to share their thoughts on potassium so here goes. Was in another state sleeping at a campground and lo and behold got a gout flair up. We went into town to the Walmart and I bought some potassium and aspercream to rub on area. I took two potassium (99mg) at once and another one about a hour or two later. I was worried about overdoing it because too much potassium can be deadly but I was desperate. Was miserable all night but woke up next morning without gout. It was a miracle. I’ve never repeated the potassium for other flair ups because of problem of too much but do take it everyday now, (one 99mg). I had never used aspercream either but it was cheap so I got it and don’t know if it was the aspercream or potassium or another thing at work. I don’t know if you should publish this because too much potassium can be deadly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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