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    Leif Nystrom

    Hi all,
    A friend of mine have just recently been prescribed both Allopurinol and a
    NSAID, ketoprofen (Orudis) for his Gout.
    Searching the web gives applecidervinegar and cherries as alternative
    remedies to help lower the uric acid levels in the blood and now i'm
    curious about whether or not there are any interactions between these meds
    (Allopurinol & Orudis) and the ACV/cherries?
    If anyone is taking these meds together with ACV & cherries, what are your
    experiences regarding all this?
    I tried searching for an answer to my question, but i didn't really find
    anything regarding the (possible) interactions between the drugs and
    AVC/cherries, hence the question.


    I haven't ever taken ketoprofen and my stomach will not tolerate ibuprofen so I doubt I ever will.

    But I can attest to the fact that I have often taken 300 mg. allopurinol along with a half pound of cherries in one sitting followed by the other half pound the next day. I am crazy for cherries when they do their two week cheapie period in May or June ($.99 per pound when lucky.) There have probably been weeks where I have downed 3 pounds of cherries.

    I can guarantee no interaction…maybe a little loose bowels the next day from so much fruit but that would be with or without the allopurinol.

    I've done a couple periods of an ounce of cider vinegar per day (I love the taste) when someone or other talks it up as a great tonic. I haven't found that it does anything, good or bad. Certainly no reaction with allopurinol.

    In truth though, I think any connections between gout and cherries or ACV is strictly a gimmick to sell cherries and apples. Just old wives tales.


    March this year was my worst gout moment, left knee, right index finger, right foot. First time I had an attack involving several joints at the same time. Doctor put me on: diclofenac, colchicine, deflazacort (similar to prednisone), 4 weeks passed by and the attacks did not resolved. My SUA level at the time was 12.6. I started to drink a lot of water, went on a low protein (purine) diet, cherries and vitamin C a month later my SUA levels were around 10.4 and the attack continued. Initial conclusion is that diet, water and cherries may reduce SUA levels put not enough when you have very high uric acid levels.

    To end the story, doctor took fluid from my knee and injected anesthetic and corticosteroid into my knee, also gave me nimesulide, a very powerful NSAID. Two weeks later the attack subsided but the knee continue swelled, so doctor send me to have a knee MRI. MRI results were that the synovial membrane was too thick, possible caused by crystal deposits, and overproducing synovial fluid. I went to surgery, a synovectomy. During the surgery the surgeon found crystal all around the joint (tendons, meniscus, cartilage) . The surgeon in agreement with the rheumatologist  put me on 300 allop and colchine (2 pills), the later for at least one year and allop for life.

    After starting Allop I went on a normal diet but continued with cherries. A month later my SUA levels were down to 6.4, not enough but a good start.

    Suggestion: do not try to substitute Allop with diet, cherries or vinegar. These may help reduce the gout flare but not SUA. 

    Leif Nystrom

    Thank you very much for the replies, now i'm confident that i can suggest adding cherries & ACV as a compliment

    to the prescribed meds.

    And, as always, if it works = fine, If it doesn't work = it was worth a try at least.

    Thanks Smile

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