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    A resident in our local suburbia protested about the Council's intention to remove an old tree outside his property, as they considered it unsafe.

    He protested by setting up home in the upper limbs for 62 days.

    One of the positive things reported by him was that “My diet is a lot better and I'm drinking a lot more water. I had aches and pains in my joints and gout, which have all disappeared”.

    There you go, find yourself a tree and sit in it for a couple of months, makes you wonder regarding the necessary hygiene matters in that time. Fortunately it hasn't rained in the 62 days.WinkLaughLaugh


    I didn't twig this at first, but now I see you're branching out into a new treatment area.

    Your closing paragraph leaves me wondering also, and I assume he wood go for rest room.



    You got it correct on all counts.

    I've taken it on as my role to constantly challenge you and make you think outside the square or the toilet seat.

    Only by doing this will you discover the magic bullet of a Gout cure. Remember the UA discharge through the Gastro tract pick up.

    Mine is a tough job, constantly thinking up new questions and finding things out of left field to challenge you.

    You have twigged to the message and risen to the occasion. You too have a quirky sense of humour.

    The actual story is true and has been in our papers on a regular basis for a couple of months, we are so divorced from the rest of the world that these little personal demonstrations are major news whilst the rest of the world falls to pieces, we climb trees.LaughLaugh

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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