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    gout sufferer

    Dear members,

    Is there any way to  read all the posts from same member?

    (for instance, I would like to read all the posts from Zip. from starts to the current… It might take time but it will be worth reading……)

    Thank you .


    How flattering, thank you.

    But I don't think its possible on this Bulletin Board. Best I can think of is to put a name in the SEARCH box and it returns a Google-type result that sort of works. Maybe Keith (gout-pal) can shed more light on the topic.

    As useful a site as it is, it IS a rather primitive style Bulletin Board format.

    Keith Taylor

    The good news is that it now works as it should have done. Underneath the persons picture (or the Member symbol if you have not uploaded a picture), there is a little button that looks like a person ? the Profile button. Click that, then near the bottom of the profile are buttons to list all topics, or all the ones started by the member). Note that the total number found will not match the total posted (shown in stats near the bottom of the page). This is because old posts eventually get deleted.

    The bad news (or actually good news if you have plenty of time on your hands) is that zip2play’s list stands at 54 pages! And that is 54 pages of topic titles, not actual posts.

    What a huge debt of gratitude we all owe. Thanks again, zip2play, for your continuing support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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