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    I've got to get a life, instead of cruising these pages!!

    One thing I have noted that may be picked up elsewhere,in this Forum or GP's Site , is that people do not always have ready access to their UA test results.

    I know from personal experience that the medicos, hold these results close to their chests, like a good poker hand and just say they are normal or high.

    This year I have started requesting copies of my various blood tests and recording them, Excel or WORD, so that I can see the trends quickly, I take a personal interest in my problems.

    In Australia these are available on request at the vampire's facilities also the GP's can usually run off a print off themselves, to keep you up to date. I imagine this service would be available in most countries.

    You pick a target and work towards it and the only way you can do this is too personally have the results.

    It also has the advantage that if your next appointment is months out, you will already have the results and if you have been good  the results will be positive. resulting in an immediate reduction in stress levels. If they are negative you can maybe do something about it.

    Back into the cave again.



    For many, these pages are what gives them a life!Wink

    (OK – just me then)

    I'm inspired by your message to realize a Great Truth about gout.

    The absolute test of whether or not a medical person understands gout is how they tell you your uric acid test result.

    If they tell you the number, they understand gout. If they tell you a low/normal/high grade, they do not.

    Can anyone disprove this?


    I get all the test results posted online agianst my user id…So, I get the access even before doctor probably gets to see them as I also get email notification that the results have been posted online….Mostly, the results are available in less than 24 hrs…

    Besides, I can check history of all my results in tabular form or graph and compare the trends online…

    And if I find anyting wrong, I shoot an email to doctor immediatly…, for me it is all online all the time….the treatment options and getting doctors appointment takes time but not the test results..



     I'm afraid  that it appears that others including me, are afflicted, with the same need to express themselves. You have set a virus at large with this Site.  Is there a cure??

    Later: I just had a thought that if a cure is found for Gout, life as we know it will cease to exist and give us nothing to communicate. A bit sad.

    Valid comments re the observations of the Doctors.


    Thanks for the lead I must follow up re the email advice. It proved out to me about 3 months ago when I had a check for my DHEA levels and found them to be greatly deficient,I receive the tests within days by post. I couldn't see the GP for a couple of weeks but was able to phone in and get a scrip for the DHEA supplement and get started on the rebuilding immediately.

    On two other occasions I couldn't see a specialist for months following some adverse results, Had a second test taken on both occasions and found out that I was well within normal ranges –  but I stressed out for months without access to the test results. By having them in hand it puts you back in control.  



    Hi David,

    Having test results in hand is a big relief. The emails have worked fine with me so far. My doctor replies emails back quickly, mostly within same day. I take my lab and medicine prescriptions mostly by sending emails. It is such a big relief if the doctor is able to reply back to your questions one by one in a systematic way….And it also saves on the co-pay, which is 20 Dollars per visit in my case.

    Taking an appointment to see him in person generally takes 1-2 weeks.

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