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    Hi All

    I recently had a gout attach (well… so I assume). Needless to say how
    painful it was (and quite surprising to me). One look at one toe and My doctor diagnosed
    it as an acute gout attack. He then sent me to test my Uric Acid levels.

    We were both surprised to find out that my Uric Acid levels were normal.

    My doctor claims that despite that result he thinks its gout and that there
    are cases that gout appear despite the normal levels of Uric Acids. He added
    that he think that with time, if not treated, my uric acid levels will rise.

    I was wondering if anyone here had gout attacks despite having normal level
    of Uric acids?

    – Also – Do you think that I need to follow the gout Diet, that is geared to
    lowering the Uric Acid levels even though mine are normal ?

    I am a bit confused as everything I read is about high levels of Uric Acids
    in the blood I can?t find any info to match my case.





    Uric acid levels often fall during an attack. Your Dr should have known this. There is no such thing as a 'normal' level. It makes about as much sense as saying a 'nice' level – meaningless. Get acurate figures; it needs to be below 6.00mg/dL to be safe, preferably around 5.00. See the conversion chart on the right column for other scales of measurement.


    See Normal Uric Acid Levels guidelines for latest information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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