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    Hi everyone, new to this forum and as you can see this is my first post.


    Last year after going to see a private doctor it was confirmed to me that i have indeed got gout. this conclusion came from the symptoms id described and various blood tests checking my uric acid levels. I have been taking 3oomg of allopurinol since July of last year and up until this week i have been attack free. attacks i have had in the past have always been in the foot but not always the same one or even in the big toe. attacks have varied from being woken in the middle of the night to a sudden pain like a sprain in the foot. some worse than others. im only 33years of age, train regularly in the gym and eat healthily.


    tuesday of this week after going to the gym felt a slight pain on the outside of my left foot to the ball of the foot. woke up on wednesday morning and was initially struggling to put weight on it. pain was still there throughout the day and today its been pretty much the same, maybe a little worse whereby im struggling to put weight on it. the foot is not swollen or warm(infact its cold although i do suffer with poor circulation, always have cold feet) question im asking myself is my current pain a gout attack or a sprain? started wearing new shoes to work on monday which are narrow fitting(pointed type) so wondering if that is a contributing factor to my pain. funnily i first had similar symptoms like this back in 2007.


    worried that im having another gout attack and its the first in almost a year, so finding it odd that its happening around the same time as last year. talking of that its strange what happened then. id get an attack and it would last for say 2 days and then a week to 10 days later id get another attack and again would go after 2 days. Last year this went on for around 5 weeks continuously.


    can anyone shed any light on my problem or perhaps someone on here has encountered similar experiences?


    frustrated as i thought going on allopurinol would put an end the attacks, which admitedly are happening for around 5 continuous weeks in a year but its not pleasant. i cant for the life of me understand why last year it would come and go every week as opposed to just one attack which i have read others on here and other sites get and then thats it until another time. i know everyone is different and perhaps my attacks are not as painful as others but still enough to affect my everyday life.


    for the record my last test came out at either 320 or?340(cant remember which)?and that was only last month.


    Hi RTK- sounds like you have the low circulation 'add on pack' to gout, we've touched on here in the past. 😉

    Fortunately, you are 'gout aware' and taking treatment.

    At the SUA level you post you're not quite in clear grounds to be trouble free as you've found and may need a higher dose of AP.

    Further, with the cold feet your SUA in that region will be more prone to crystallizing, esp. at night.

    No kidding- wear bed socks- heavy wool ones and stick a pillow at the bed foot under the covers and get stuck in there :)?

    Pay attention to your footwear and wear soft trainer/fabric breathable?walking boots with good socks.Sandals when it's warmer [you're old enough not to care now :]

    Don't overstress your? foot joints or over use them in exercise- after winter is a well known time for gout to surface after sedentary winter months, too.

    You probably just have a combination of? marginal factors all?working at once -so attend to them all and you should get better results, maybe without the dose increase.

    Let us know how it goes.. Cool?and of course keep up the H2O.

    [PS: I nearly forgot- have a warm foot soak before retiring, if not bathing]

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