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    nina bak

    Hello, i run into web site after helplessly trying to get some info about gout. My dad is visiting me here, and he is having one of his attacks. He is 72.

    I guess he was never diagnosed properly, and last 15 years he was given some non-steroid, anti-inflammatory medication. At the end he ended up in a hospital for a bleeding ulcer, and that was first time he was diagnosed with gout. That was last year in September.

    His gout was so bad, that he couldn’t walk. He was given injections for pain and inflammation. They put him on allopurinol 100 mg. he got better, but never 100%. When he came here, I looked through his lab tests. Back in September his uric acid was 516 umol/l. Average should be 182-403. In November it was 400umol/l, and in December was 474umol/l. All this time he was taking 100mg allopurinol.

    I was trying to contact his doctor and ask, and comment, that 100mg is not working for him, but no luck getting right answer. Right now he is having another attack, his elbow is swollen, hot ,red. His foot ankle has same problem. He is cold all the time, not a happy camper. I increased his allopurinol to 200mg one week ago.

    Today we had his blood drawn, and I will know his uric acid measurements tomorrow. His diet is very healthy, no alcohol, lots of water. I am not giving him any ibuprofens because of his stomach ulcers.

    Please advise about mg of allopurinol/ uric acid levels, or any other medication that might work. Do you know how long it takes for allopurinol to have an affect on uric acid? Thanks a lot. Nina


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    If you need help with allopurinol, look at the allopurinol guidelines first. These cover all aspects of starting, continuing, and stopping allopurinol.

    If you cannot find an answer there, please start a new topic.

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