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    Gary S

    I recently came across this site.…..m_gout.htm

    Among other things it lists some supplements that supposedly help reduce uric acid levels as well as numerous folk remedies. Specifically it said the following supplements would help reduce uric acid levels.

    B complex One to three 50 mg tablets of the complete B complex daily, plus 500 mg of pantothenic acid (B5) in divided doses to assist the body's conversion of uric acid into harmless compounds.

    L-glutathione 500 mg twice daily on an empty stomach – increases renal cleansing of uric acid.

    L-methionine 250 mg twice daily on an empty stomach – detoxifies purines

    Vitamin C 1,000 mg per hour at the very outset of a gout attack, then reduce to 500-3,000 mg daily for maintenance. Vitamin C helps lower serum uric acid levels.

    I have heard about B5 and C before but the others are new to me. I also have read that Co Q-10 helps improve kidney function so may help reduce uric acid levels.

    Any thoughts on these “natural” ways to reduce uric acid levels?


    My comments-

    I take CoQ10 inthe expensive Ubiquinol form, also VitC, but it is also a diuretic and heavy doses can make the body 'lazy', apparently ,at extracting other associated nutrients.

    Pantothenic acid is called that ,as it's everywhere to be found  in foods -so that would be useful only in a restricted diet, imo.

    I'm wary of taking heavy doses of Amino Acids, they are used almost like drugs these days and have been popularised by body builders, athletes etc.

    Heavy doses of B can affect nerve function and are now limited anyway but a low level multivitamin is good insurance , especially if drinking a lot of alcohol.

    I think , in my case , use of vitamiins & supplements has a positive effect on gout,but via a general health path rather than a cure or preventitive.

    Anyway, now you 've highlighted them- I will have to look further again.

    I do get spates of enthusiasm, from time to time, on the Vit trail!

    The other thing I take for joint [& brain function] is Omega3 , but the purest pharma grade to avoid food chain, in fish , pollutants which are getting to be the norm in cheaper versions.

    Most men are low in Zinc,and I find this has a beneficial effect- but use one with a small amount of copper in it [which though toxic in larger amounts ,is still needed and antagonised by Zinc on its own]. It  also supports the immune system, so theoretically could make a gout attack worse I suppose , so I only take this in the gout free times.

    A good balanced diet is the most important process to observe, though!

    Stress has been a large contributor to my gout.


    I have some concern about the high doses, especially of the vitamin C.

    Its has been proven over and over than most of this stuff just passes through the body and is pulled out by the kidneys. Jacking up the doses just makes the kidneys work harder. Also, the harder the kidneys have to work to pull out all this extra stuff the less bandwidth they have to process uric acid out of the bloodstream.

    Frankly, I personally believe that its better to drink as much water as possible rather than add a bunch more crap onto the elevated uric acid in my blood stream.

    I do take a regular multi-vitamin each day and I dont think people really need more than that (if even that much).


    I'm with you Tavery. I have tried out so many miracle cures over the years and I finally became a skeptic. I diutifully used megadosing with Vitamin C to cure colds…it DOESN'T. I used Vitamin E until it was founf to CAUSE heart disease over 400 units a day. I used DMSO, Glucosamine-Chondoirin, MSM, SAM-E for joint pains…all nonsensical fraudulent quackery. Remember Vitamin E for sexuality?” Anyone ever try Horny Goat Weed…I did, more crapola. ANd the individual VERY expensive amino acid isolates like arginine and ornithine to build big muscles by releasing growth hormones…total twaddle.

    If I thought long and hard I could go on for paragraph after paragraph.

    Donald Duck described it best when he said Quack, Quack, Quack,

    There seems to be some evidence that Vitamin C megadosing is uricosuric and might lower uric acid .5 mg/dl but then in a highly acid environment it might deposit urate and oxalate kidney stones. Like megadosing with aspirin probably the body tries to detoxifiy itself from poisonous acidosis and dumps all acids…so some uric acid will pee out. Probably a pint of hydrochloric acid would work the same way.


    Gary, that is one of the worst pages about gout I have ever seen.

    Pages and pages of random substances with no explanation and no references.

    There are many ways to lower uric acid, and none of them are listed there (or if they are they are so well hidden amongst the dross that they are meaningless).

    It all starts with a uric acid test, as there is very little you can do until you know your starting point. It's a good idea to get one as soon as you can, and we'll discuss the results here and advise you of the best way forward.

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