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    does gout move around my body especially from foot to foot?


    Yes, this is very common.

    Gout can affect any joint, and as it gets worse, it seems that more joints get involved.

    I’ve often wondered about the foot to foot thing. I think it might be due to putting extra strain on the unaffected foot due to limping.

    The absolute best thing you can do is see your doctor about lowering uric acid – or talk about it here before you go


    Definately moves. Mine started 6 years ago in my right big toe then attacked my left big toe once. I just had my first attack in my left knee. I know this sounds crazy, but I'd take it in my knee rather than my feet. At least i could walk stiffed knee'd. I couldn't get a shoe on when my big toes were swollen. The upshot is that i went over a year without an attack…thank the good Lord for that!!!


    My theory on this …

    1. gout is the body dropping uric acid out of the blood stream into a joint because there's too much to cope with;

    2. generally this affects one (or more) specific joints per person (i.e. the big toe on the right foot, or the knee or where ever);

    3. the body will, in time, start to try and remove the uric acid crystals from the joint back into the blood stream;

    4. during this removal process you can potentially end up with too much uric acid in the blood stream again and there are no guarantees on which joint will get the deposits next;

    5. the raising of the affected foot probably means that the unaffected foot, if not raised, has the potential for being affected increased (due to blood flow reasons).

    I also think that for many the body will take the opportunity to detox (especially for “regular drinkers') and this will probably mean that the removal of uric acid has competition.

    Anyway, that's the theory I dreampt up while being bed ridden for 4 weeks! Cry

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