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    Any reason why AlloP should be taken in the morning? As I said in another thread I am taking it daily but after gym sessions. So during the week I go gym in the evening so take it before going to bed. On weekends I go gym in the morning so take AlloP in the afternoon. As long as I am taking daily and my numbers are under control does it matter when I take them? 

    The reason I take it after gym is to dampen the SUA spike effect after gym. That is my couch expert theory. Any comments?


    I have two thoughts on allopurinol.

    1. I take a uricosuric (losartan for BP) so I don't want to take allopurinol within the 8 hours when the losartan is active…why pee it out?

    2. Since allopurinol works TWICE, once to tie up xanthine oxidase while it is converted into long term oxypurinol. The first step is quick, a few hours. So my thinking is to utilize that first product when most useful, with a high purine meal or with a bout of heavy exercise.

    The long term oxypurinol lasts for days, so it doesn't matter  much when you take the allopurinol in that regard.

    The usual recommendation is to take it with food presumably to prevent stomach upset.


    It's strange how a simple question about allopurinol dose taking time can open up so many other questions.

    There is an inference that matching allopurinol ingestion to a uric acid production peak will be beneficial, but how can that be determined? vegetarianGuy mentions excercise causing a peak, and zip2play mentions high purine food. I've also seen information about a natural peak in uric acid production while we sleep.

    I think zip2play has got it right with the last two sentences. A) it doesn't much matter, and B) with food.


    To be more specific I go Gym from 6 to 8pm > come home and straight away eat dinner > take Allop when dinner is about to end >  then go to bed. So technically I am kind of dampning the food + Gym + slepp related spike. I also dink two glasses of water with the food. Then another glass fo water before I sleep.

    Thanks for the link GP.


    Sounds like a good plan, though I am not convinced it has any additional benefits once the dose is right.

    As zip2play says:

    The long term oxypurinol lasts for days, so it doesn't matter  much when you take the allopurinol in that regard.

    So you have a fairly constant dampening effect on uric acid production because oxypurinol (that breaks down from allopurinol within hours) is always there to protect you, as long as you take at least once a day.

    I know of no research that considers changes in uric acid amongst patients on urate lowering therapy – I guess it is just not necessay as it is clear from the so called Treatment-Failure Gout, that the failures are due to incorrect dosage or patient non-compliance (the report I  linked to also lists “Inadequate response to adequate dosing of urate-lowering therapy” but I just see that as inadequate dosing).

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