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    gout sufferer

    Hello people,

    I have had gout for the last 12 years. I have been on allopurinal (300mg) for the last 11 months, haven't miss a single dose. uric acid reading before starting Allopurina (8.5), haven't check since. No gout attack in last 11months up until last week.

    life routine was normal, including eating and drinking habits. all of a sudden, left knee started to go funny. thought, could be a gout attack so started to take Diclofenac(100mg). nearly 2 weeks went by, but the knee hasn't gone back to normal. oh yeah, still taking AP. (talking from 12 years of experience, yes it was/is a gout attack!)

    I am completly devastated, as I had lot of faith on AP. above all, most painful thing is, I never experianced any attacks on my knee before. it mostly used to be on my big toe or on my elbow….

    I am shattered. people here talk about having a gout attack on their knee and not being able to drive… if it happens to me, I have no other way to pay my bills and rent.

    any input is highly appreciated.

    thank you.


    Knees are funny. It is not easy to tell a gouty knee from a torn meniscus ir a famaged cruciate ligamnet from osteoarthritis…these can happped totally independent of gout to a person with gout.

    You could try 400 or 500 mg allopurinol for a couple months, especially since you do not know your uric acid level. Try colchicine for pain relief, do not be afraid of 12 or 16 in a day especially if your livelihood depends on stopping this attack.

    If Diclofenac isn't working try Aleve or Indocin.

    Get your uric acid tested.

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