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    Now the colder weather is approaching- I must drop this post in about a trick or two with this gout fellow…

    I read, partly on here, that the solubility of UA in blood is hastened by low temps in extremities and did a quick calculation that the effect was worth about on 0.5mg SUA, -to the bad.

    This is enough to trigger an attack if on the threshold- I have indeed noticed colder weather being more inclined to produce an attck over the years.

    Trick 1- Get some  thick  woollen socks to wear around the house under light adjustable strap sandals- even in winter this is warmer than shoes or indoor wear as the trapped air in sock is very effective at maintaining good foot warmth.

    PLUS wear these type of socks in bed- I don't like the feel (us men know of similar numb-ers 🙂 )

    So  , an alternative Tip 2, is to stuff a spare piillow to the bottom of the bed and fold it to a 'tent' and you will soon get in the habit of tucking those offending pinkies into this!

    The feet stay much warmer all round -and I think will definitely assist in knocking old goutus back a notch. Cool


    I have electric heat and live in an area of priceyelectricity ($.18/kwhr) and if I get profligate, I can look at a $200 electric bill in the dead of winter. So I keep my bedroom coldish in winter and use an electric blanket. Of course my hands don't stay under the blanket so in the coldest months I try to wear gloves. I HATE the feeling but I think it is wise.

    I think these precautions are most important at night when our circulation is slowed down and our homes probably the coolest…AND all my attacks have started at 5 AM.

    I think the socks in bed is a very good idea.


    External heat may make the circulation lazy!

    Also, electric fields from the underblanket are not considered good for the body.

    I always wake up 'toasted' even if left on the lowest, pretty minimal setting by accident.

    For those with trad. podagra in the toe- this pillow/sock trick could pay!

    Another aside on the circulation topic- is the cold rinse effect promoting better circulation in the extemities prior to bed.

    Even during an attack,Bicarb soaks can help, hot or cold.


    A warm wife? A sleeping bag?

    Oh bugger, Mrs GoutPal just caught me typing that and thinks they are one and the same.


    Being single many years and having no warm body [ to press for divorce due to cold feet searching out warmer buddies] – I can definitely state that single male buddies are lethal for gout due to the beer 'round buying' syndrome which doesn't lend itself to wine in the same way.

    In any case, being my own 'old biiddy' is curiously rewarding, probably due to the 'taking care of inner child' or similar -being  life affirmative, in someone past sell by date!

    My old [er], non gouty,  beer drinking buddy has moved back to base this year- so my gout regime has improved no end Smile

    A good tip is buy thick, small wine glasses and when you've broken all the thin ,smart large ones that ring like bells and seem to be 1/3 bott.  – you can return to sensible portions…

    Saving 1/3 bott. in used smaller ones and fridging them can help lessen the urge to drink the bottle.

    This size is 2 small glasses conveniently enough.

    Jeeze ! – the things one learns on GP.

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