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    Hi. In a recent conversation I heard about someone using juniper tea to help with gout. The little I have read seems to uphold the fact that juniper tea helps remove uric acid. Here in the good old USA there is not much about it other than the cautions of using it to much. It seems more adopted in the UK. So if any of you folks from that side of the world have any info please let me no. Thanks



    Juniper berries are also the major flavoring agent of the best gins.Wink


    Traditionally, juniper is a diuretic, and this has been confirmed by a recent Russian study, who also note anti-inflammatory properties. As with all natural products, active elements vary widely between species, climate, and especially preparation methods.

    One reference that I can read confuses diuretic with uricosuric, which may be where the “good for gout” myth started. Diuretics increase urine output which can result in higher blood uric acid. Uricosurics increase the uric acid concentration of urine, thus lowering blood uric acid.

    Of course, the diuretic effect is probably so weak that it will be offset by the fluid content of the tea, so it probably has very little effect either way. Like so many of these things, as a flavoring (tea or gin) it really has no significance for gout.


    But never forget that in the midst of an acute attack there may be considerable relief afforded by a half bottle of Beefeater's!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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