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    As mentioned in my POST, “Gout for 36 years and still counting” I have been using a vegetable juicing that has assisted in reducing my UA levels.

    Some years back my Naturopath started me on a juicing regime for some other reason but I noted over the months of use that my Gout attacks became fewer, so I have persevered for some years. The trouble is I was a little lazy and made up enough each time for 2 days. What I didn't realise is that the second portion stored, lost most of its beneficial goodness.

    For a variety of health reasons, (Most of my health problems are solved by treating the gastro tract) I have been on various diets for many years and my wife purchased a copy of Laugh with Health- Manfred urs Koch, which has pretty much been our manual for keeping us both well.

    [Link corrected – see below]

    It was discovered from my reading that:-

    • Celery was very good for arthritic conditions and combination of carrot and celery juice is very good as an eliminator of toxins.
    • Lettuce is very good for the eliminations of Uric Acid. Especially the darker outer leaves that you normally give to the chooks or throw away.
    • Cos Lettuce has a higher alkaline level than other lettuces

    Bearing in mind that on the GP Site only Dec 2, 2009 on the POST, “Gout for 36 years and still counting” we rediscovered that 22/30% of UA is removed by the gastric system.

    The juice comprises approximate quantities only, to make a glass, 230mls. Recommended 7 days a week before or part of breakfast.

    Celery                          75gms              half to ¾ stick

    Cos Lettuce                 25gms              several large leaves

    Carrot                          50gms              med to large carrot

    Beetroot                      19gms              ½ medium beetroot

    Parsley                         1 sprig             1 sprig

    By checking the GP Site,, it will be noted that all the foods listed are on the high end of being alkaline.

    The carrot and beetroot take away the bitterness of the green vegies.

    Vegetables cost about A$10.- per week and has many other health benefits. Usually the vegies are bought from a Local growers market, for freshness and stored in the fridge for the next week.

    Purchase a good quality juicing machine as it will make the job easier and last longer.


    It must be drunk over the same length of time it would take you to eat the vegies, about half an hour, otherwise it hits the stomach like a bomb , with a resultant rapid retreat to the little room. It does assist in keeping the bowels regular and you may experience beetroot coloured urine.

    As to cleaning the juicing machine, it's not a big deal. Immediately after use, give it a rinse and a bit of a light scrub before the food remnants can dry and attach themselves, then just clean up any residue with the normal washing up. You just have to put up with the discolouration of the internals due to the vegetable dyes and when you feel inclined just give it a good clean with somethingf like “Jiff”. Ours has been cleaned like this once in about 15 years. Needs it again.

    Don't take it on as a chore but get up half an hour earlier and take it on as pleasure, enjoy the preparation, about 5 mins. Sit down quietly and drink it while reading the paper or what ever. Your time out before the day starts.You are doing this for your own comfort.

    “It's all in the mind, you know.”Neddie.




    Another quaint home remedy from the colonial “down under”.WinkWink

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    I've been missing the antipodean language labSmile. Chooks = chickens.

    Juicing has always looked like a good idea to me to get the best out of the veg, but I have yet to get into the habit. Those who know, advise me that it does take some experience to get used to taking vagetables this way, so your practical advice is very welcome.


    GP. Just keeping you on your toes and introducing you to proper” English”.

    Who wouldn't know that chooks were chooks.Laugh Our version of chooks go around saying chook, chook,chook all day, what do English chickens say?

    Oh , I see the problem, your spellcheck won't accept chooks.

    Give the juice a go, it really is quite a nice brew and it becomes your special time of the day.


    what do English chickens say?

    Cluck – better rhyming potential Wink

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