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    Hi guys…

     This is the best site for gout information by million miles. credit goes to GP and all the regular members who give their precious time to answer any kind of gout related questions. I have learned so much since I found this site. I am also going on AP for life, chose  the date 11Th of Nov(remembrance day) to help me keep track of time.

    I wonder how many of you the regular contributors are on AP?  IE :




    Zip 2 play

    U tubelite (few others.) and who has been the longest on it? (hope, it is not rude to ask Surprised)

    all I am trying to gather is, if anyone has experience major/ or if any side effects by the long term use of AP? if so, what are they? (would be grateful if you could list them please.)

    thank you. 


    I've never taken AP- but have some 100mg tabs ready if needed.

    So, obviously prepared to use, if really necessary.

    I suffer quite ready reactions to most meds btw.


    Nice idea funandsmile1,

    A good place for this information is in your profile. That is a good place to put any information about ourself that helps people answer your questions better. But keep it brief, or people won't read it.

    Mine now reads:

    Managing gout pain: Ibuprofen as required

    Managing uric acid: Considering allopurinol

    Gout first diagnosed: 2001 (ish)

    Also, I've amended my signature so that anyone viewing my message can see that there is information in my profile.

    Obviously, only do this if you feel comfortabl with revealing information about your health.


    First gout attack: July 12th 2009- end of Aug 2009

    Started 100 mg of AP end of Aug 2009

    Started 300mg of AP end of Sept 2009


    Started taking thiazide diuretics in the late 1970's…by the late 80's I was having hobbling foot pains that lasted 3 days on crutches.

    By about 1990 I had the single crippling attack of podagra that lasted 9 days before I took a course of 22 colchicine in a day that stopped the attack. I went onto 400 mg. allopurinol a couple weeks afterward and have settled on a dosage of 300 mg./day.

    So at around 19 years, I think I am, hands down, MR. ALLOPURINOL!

    I have not had an acute attack in 19 years. I also switched away from thiazide diuretics to a loop diuretic, furosemide (Lasix.) I think perhaps absent the decades of thiazide I might never have developed gout. But one cannot turn back the clock.


    Got first gout attack on right big toe in Feb 1999 when I was exposed for long time to very low killer temperatures( minus 30 F and lower). Did not check UA levels, was prescribed Allopurinol 200 mg on 3rd or 4th day of attack and acute pain, and the pain went away with just 2 tabs of AP like a miracle. Left taking AP after 6 months.

    No attack for next 10 years while I did not take AP or any precautions for Gout…Life was – Gout, what's that? My UA levels in my routine tests were around 8 all the time, still no attack of gout.

    Second attack May 2009, after big time stubbing of right big toe that caused a fracture. The gout took 3-4 days to show up but I did not have pain like first attack. Pain was only at walking while there was no pain while resting, except some burning at times in Bunion though there was lot of swelling. The symptoms have been lingering with utter confusion – Gout, fracture, both??

    Taking AP for last 3 and half months, currently on 300 mg dose, current SUA levels around 4.

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