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    Just my two cents about Gout pain.

    I am a 46 year old male and have familial gout (my dad and brother) and I have had it since my early 20’s untreated. I have suffered debilitating pain with this for over 20 years. I have mostly reacted to flare ups by taking indocin as I could never tolerate allopurinol.

    Recently I just had enough and after many rheumatologists I decided to try it yet again. Stated at 100mg and went to 300 over a period of months. My UA level was high 8’s. Once again the pain is unbearable. My hand cramps to the point where it turns into a claw and I cant release it. The leg cramps keep me up all night long. Finally I had to stop which was the case in previous attempts.

    The pain of a flare up occasionally was actually less painful than the treatment as I was in agony every day. My doctors all told me I was “crazy” and I fully understood the treatment and the way the crystals were dissolving but it was more than that.

    Finally after 20 years I called BS on the doctors and just got plain mad about it. I said I can not take this anymore – your wrong – the pain is too much something isnt right. My doctor finally with lots of eye rolls put me on Uloric.

    I am a new man.

    I cant even explain in words what a life changing event this has been. I have gone from a crippled person who could not stand up after sitting down in a restaurant or on an airplane to someone who has a somewhat normal life after just 1 month of treatment on 40mg.

    I havent even had my first blood test yet to determine my new levels but the change is incredible. Do I have pain ? Yes absolutely but the difference is it is manageable. Some aches some discomfort but literally 10x less. I can move, I can sleep, I am not stiff. This drug has been my savior.

    To all people suffering with your treatment on allopurinol I am simply writing this to let you know there is hope for the hopeless like myself. I could not tolerate it even though my family members and many other folks can. I now look forward to getting back on the road to living my life again.

    Keith Taylor

    Hi Andrew,

    It’s fantastic to know that you can see a way forward with your gout, at last.

    I’m always saddened by doctors that don’t respond well to their patients concerns. On the other hand, I see a lot of bad patients who ignore good medical advice.

    It seems to me that you’ve done the world a great service here. You’re a good gout patient, and care enough to pass great information onto others.

    Gout patients are luckier than they’ve ever been. They have several alternatives to allopurinol now. Uloric is obviously great for you, Andrew. Just be sure to get liver function and kidney function tests at the same time as your uric acid blood test. If your doctor is as poor as he seems, he might forget these important gout tests.

    Thanks for sharing!

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