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    Hi. Been to this site for along time reading. I bought a water distiller last year and have been drinking distillled water ever since. Still get gout. Talked to a VA Dr today and she laughed and told me that distilled water is bad for your kindeys and that if anything I should drink Winkinoized water. So I look up the subject, It makes sence. Has anyone ever tried this stuff? Does it help the ph of your body or is it just another thing for people with gout to buy? She did renew my scrip for allopurinol. Wanted to see if anyone has tried this. Thank You Dan 


    While we wait for zip2play to pass judgement on your doctor, let us all read, learn and inwardly digest the truth about ionized water.

    My own judgement is that she should focus on what matters – your uric acid levels. What are they, and what is she planning to do to manage the level so you do not get gout attacks?


    Ionized Water is a scam.

    If your tap water has a decent taste, that's what you should drink.

    If your tap water is contaminated then distilled water is the next best choice…it's tolerable if cold and shaken to reoxygenate. You might biss a teeny bit of certain minerals but a piece of fruit a day, a glass of milk and a small dailyy magnesium supplement will take care of that.


    Ionized water is a pricey scam.

    Distilled water is fine IF your tap water is contaminated, otherwise tap water is just fine.

    If using distilled water maybe a piece of fruit a day, a glass of milk and a magnesium supplement will give you MORE subtrtacted minerals than you need.

    The type of water you use will have ZERO effect on gout.


    Reducing Flouride/ Chloride levels in drinking water would have more health benifits than worrying about ions. I don't think our bodies developed 100,000 of years ago to depend on such technologies- but pollution and interference in our essential needs goes on and on.

    I will be getting a sink top filter system when funds improve- they seem to be more effective these days for not much more than £120.



    You haven't tod us why you feel that your tap water is unsuitable.


    Hi: There is nothing wrong with my tap water. I had well water for years and my township ran city water and I was forced to tap in and it was a big difference. thats why I went to distilled. My Dr is giving me 300mg of allopouranal (thinks that how it is spelled) to lower my acid level. but I hate pills they always help one thing and destroy something else. Tired of gout someone somewhere has a cure(i hope) because the medical community doesnt care, not enough money in it. Dan


    Dan, the allopurinol is about as near to a cure as you will get, but you have to work with it.

    It will take a few months to get rid of existing uric acid crystals. During that time, lowering uric acid can cause some gout flares, but these are a good sign that your body is getting rid of the old uric acid crystals. These flares will get less intense, and less frequent.

    This will only happen if you take the allopurinol every day, and get tested regularly to make sure your uric acid stays below 6mg/dL. Get it as low as you can (say 3 to 4) for the first few months and the old crystals will dissolve that much faster. You may have to push your doctor on the testing – some really do not have a clue, but it is absolutely vital.

    Come back every month to discuss your numbers and how you are progressing – it helps to keep you focused, and you'll soon feel better.



    Do NOT be frightened of allopurinol. Take it from smneone who has taken RAFTS of pills for many conditions. It is among the most INNOCUOUS of drugs and causes almost NOBODY any side effects. Compare allopurinol with ANY anti-hypertensive and allopurinol comes off as safer than an M&M.

    It works, it's safe  and it's a life saver. PERIOD.

    Untreated gout will kill you…allopurinol will save your life.

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