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    Help. My husband has early onset dementia and I took him to urgent care on Sunday with a swollen foot. They did blood tests and said it was gout. He has been on indocin for 4 days with a prescription for 7 days however the swelling has not gone down.  He is using a walker to get around as it is finding it difficult to put weight on his foot. He doesn't talk much so hard to know what he is feeling expect he says it's sore. How long before the swelling goes down. I”m getting worried.



    Everyone is different Sue- but he can expect a week of bad pain, lucky to be moving much, followed by 1 to 2 weeks slow recovery on top, in my experience.

    Home rest will help – getting back to work is one thing i manage well without !

    It must be hard to stand at the side for you, but it will end- this bad phase.

    Make sure you get  the blood test results and keep this monitored.

    Colchicine,normally very useful, may not be an easy option for your husband- it needs some interaction from the user to gauge best dose and deal with side effects.

    You will find plenty of  support here, though- so keep positive.



    I find indocin to be a far behind second best to colchicine to abort the pain of an acute attack. My problem with it was that it makes me dizzy and that sounds llike the WORST thing for anyone with any degree of dementia. First time I took it I almost fell down an escalator because things got so swirly.

    Ask his doctor for a bottle of colchicine instead. How to take it is all over this forum.

    Keep his infected foot raised as much as possible to help cut down the swelling…keep it warm.

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