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    Hello.. Just a little bit about me. Im 33. Mother of 5 boys one girl. Ive had had problems with my elbows and shoulders for over 10 years was told it was calcium deposits. I have had to many sortisone injections to count..

    So over the past few months my left knee gave out and they said i had a meniscual (sp) tear.  That heals but not totally.. then my right ankle. swells up and is so painful i cant walk. I go to the doc the take x rays see some sort of either bone or something send me to a podiatrist.. what a jerk he was. told me to stay off of it. and it will go away. so i put the heating pad on it and it got better.. well last week its my right elbow. it swelled up so bad I couldnt move it at all. it turned this weird red color and i go to the doc they give  me a steroid and vicodin. tells me to seee  a rhemuitoligist. i cant take the meds cause im nursing..

    how do i get doctors to listen to me. im not trying to get drugs i guess thats what thye think.. i am in very bad pain most of the time.. now that the elbow is getting better i still cant make my arm straight at all the toerh elbow is hurting and my ankle too.. im so young how can all of this be happening to me.. what do i do? how can i get help???


    It is POSSIBLE that you are suffereing from gout but it is not likely. Women of your age RARELY get gout, but like I said, it is still possible.

    Firstly, you should have a blood uric acid run every time you have a blood draw. If you show hyperuricemia, they might want to confirm uric acid crystals with a sample of joint fluid.

    Have an arthritis panel run next time you go to the doctor. There are specific markers, like ANA, rheumatoid factor and many others for many of the arthitic conditions…a LOT of them.

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