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    So I felt brave enough to start going gym again. Today was the first day back after staying away for last few months.  I measured my SUA before going gym (this morning) and it was 5.1 mg/dl. 1 hour after going gym (in the evening) I measured again and it was still 5mg/dl Surprised

    Either way it did not jump to 7mg/dl + levels like I was fully prepared for. I don't know what to make of it though.

    Anyway I did cardio for 30minutes at intensity level 10. Down from my normal intensity level of 20 (max possible on the machine). Felt sad about it but I have decided to do moderate level  fitness so as not to put too much pressure on AlloP. I kept my heart rate to 160 level instead of the 180 that I love normally Cry

    I also did moderate intensity weights for 40minutes. Instead of three sets of 12 reps I did only 1 set of 15.  I felt one or two twinges in my toe but nothing too scary. I did not touch any foot related exercises nor will I ever do .

    So far everything seems ok. Feel little soar in my toe region due to accidentally putting too much pressure on my toe while climbing down the gym stairs. Feel slight tightness but nothing too worrisome. Would be interesting how I feel tomorrow morning. 

    Plan is to go gym alternate days. So around 3 days a week intead of 5+ days like I used to before getting Gout Frown People were asking me that they had not seen me for a while. I just said that I was busy with work and slightly ill and STUFF Smile


    Me too, after 3 weeks of bronchitis after 2 weeks of booze. So a slow start and no weights.

    But I was proud of myself: 45 minutes on the elliptical at cardiac rate (My old-fart cardio rate is 123 but I take it to 130.)

    I am planning on paying the price gently by lying on my Laxy-Boy in front of TV tonight…and nothing else. Vampire Diaries, Burn Notice, 3 HUNGS, and Royal Pains! With DIET SODA…determined to lose 20 pounds of ugly me.


    So been to gym 3 times this week (1.5 hours each time, weights and cardio) and the odd thing is that my post gym readings are not going up like they used to Laugh Well I ain't complaining hope it stays like that. I am feelign so happy as a result fo being back in the gym Cool

    The readings-

    Just before going gym  <—>  1 hour after gym

    4.5 mg/dl                                       4.6 mg/dl

    5.1  mg/dl                                      5.0 mg/dl

    5.2 mg/dl                                       5.2mg/dl

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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