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    I can’t straighten either leg to knees feeling like something is blocking the joint from full range of motion. The symptoms emerged on both knees simultaneously over the last three years, which is also the time frame in which I developed gout.

    I am make anappointment with an ortho, but wanted to know if others have had knee range issues that were gout related.



    Hi Dan,

    Short answer: yes, gout can impede joint movement, but should you not be checking with a rheumatologist?

    More explanation:

    Gout is caused by uric acid crystals that start growing in the joints, but eventually spread throughout the body. They grow slowly, and may not cause a painful gout flare for many years.

    Typical gout pain is caused by inflammation, and the swelling often makes it difficult to move joints. This is a temporary effect, which should pass when the swelling reduces naturally or with anti-inflammatory treatment. However, there is a second effect.

    Before I explain the second effect, I should also point out that there may be other problems that co-exist with gout. For that reason, I recommend examination by a rheumatologist. It is impossible to diagnose symptoms online, so my advice is to get examined. If you do not understand the process or results of that examination, please come back for more clarification.

    The second joint effect is more serious. When uric acid crystals grow around joints, they often grow into ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bone. After a few years, joints are damaged to some degree, and this can cause permanent joint restriction.

    If you do see an orthopedic consultant, please be sure to describe exactly how the restriction ties in with gout attacks. I.e. does restriction occur all the time, or is it only during acute gout flares. Be sure to question how any proposed treatment might impact on your gout. If exercise is recommended, I would seriously suggest that you discuss rigorous uric acid lowering first to try to dissolve some of the crystals that may be embedded in your joints.

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