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    My mam had a heart attack around 5 years ago and she’s great now, really fit and active, suffers from slight angina but nothing really she can walk and do so much she is 52.

    She is in drugs for this to keep her colestreal down and blood pressure ect.. and they work well but she suffers from terrible gout.

    All Christmas she has been crying. It’s just so bad. But she can’t take anything for it as gout meds clash with the others due to the risk factor.

    There must be something to relieve her gout! I can’t accept she has to just put up with it. It’s in her hands and it’s so painful.

    On the plus side she looks 30! Doctors think it’s funny, which is quite a giggle. And they think it has got something to do with the body fighting during the heart attack.

    Just a small note if anyone does have a heart attack dont worry I have seen the lowest point and the highest and wow even the worst ones can make a huge and full recovery.

    any help with gout so much welcomed!


    Gout and Comorbidities

    Complex Gout needs a Rheumatologist
    Complex Gout needs a Rheumatologist

    Usually, I would recommend starting a GoutPal Patients Plan. But with comorbidities, you should take advice first from your rheumatologist. If you want to start a plan now, be sure to record your rheumatologist as your professional guide in Step 2 of your Gout Patients Plan.


    Though “simple” gout can often be treated successfully by most doctors, complex gout – i.e. gout with other medical conditions, must be treated by a gout specialist.

    I strongly recommend an appointment with a rheumatologist – make one today.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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